Artemis' April 2019 Horoscope


This month favourable conditions are set for metamorphosis. You will have to solve personal problems related to your career, finances and other responsibilities. Pay attention to what is happening right in front of you. Artemis' Cosmic Tip: May your greatest desire be to release the past.



A favourable position of the moon this month sets and activates the level for achievements in your personal relationships. In your career you can achieve an increase in your salary or profits in your business. Artemis' Cosmic Tip: The most precious gift is forgiveness.



Communicate carefully and mindfully with others. Do not force events as the tone of this month for you, is finding emotional peace and forcing events will just end up in you losing your temper. Artemis' Cosmic Tip: Allow your inner child to come out and play.



This month is favourable to your inner-development and spiritual growth. Focus on your personal relationships with the intention to achieve connectedness. Artemis' Cosmic Tip: Serenity produces goodness and lightness in you.



Your ruler, the Sun, is dominating the sky this month which brings you opportunities for amazing and unpredictable prospects. Be yourself and remember that leadership is one of your many talents. Artemis' Cosmic Tip: Your Soul welcomes your desires for your awakening.



Projects that benefit you will be highlighted this month. Take your time choosing what you wish to focus on most. Your ruler, Mercury, is not quite ready to help you until mid-April. Artemis' Cosmic tip: Take care of the small stuff and the big stuff will take care of itself.



There are unexpected turn of events this month, however, your celestial support suppresses any negative energy. You must act with confidence to achieve your desires. Do not look for balance where there is none. Artemis' Cosmic Tip: Every moment is valuable.



Making new acquaintances will be favourable for you this month. You can expect important meetings and inflated attention from the opposite sex. Artemis' Cosmic Tip: Remember that everyone is your mirror, learn about you through them.



Large number of conversations will dominate your month of April. From business deals to  personal relationships in the home. All focus should be on thinking carefully for progress to happen. Artemis' Cosmic Tip: Miracles happen whether you believe it or not.



April is a good month for making important decisions, however, you find yourself making changes in your choices several times. Do not take risks without the relevant support. Artemis' Cosmic Tip: As the sun rises, so do you become reborn.



This is a favourable time for investments and financial decisions. Welcoming change helps you deal with the unexpected turns and surprises. Artemis' Cosmic Tip: Allow yourself to receive love.



Jupiter and Venus are in favourable positions to bring you good events in both work and personal relationships. Act with confidence and face unexpected changes with trust. Artemis' Cosmic Tip: He who has never been challenged will not know success.