Artemis' May Horoscope


After the new moon on 4th, your finances look fabulous! The full moon on 18th will help you release stress that does not serve you and bring you peace of mind. Artemis' Cosmic Tip : Diplomacy helps a relationship get a fair deal.



With the moon and the sun socialising in your sign on 4th, you'll be feeling more bold and original in your personal or business life. Take care to use open and honest communication over the full moon on 18th. Artemis' Cosmic tip : Make the right connections and your idea will get a positive push forward. 



The new moon on 4th will finally bring you some alone time for yourself. Shifting your attitude from negative to positive, will help you accommodate a necessary change to your health. Artemis' Cosmic tip : Change the way you project yourself.



The new moon on 4th is a wonderful time for you to socialise with your friends. They will give you the boost you need. Artemis' Cosmic tip : Things are brought to life when you accept responsibility and act like a leader. 



This new moon on 4th makes your public profile very exciting. Get out there and be seen! As the full moon arrives on 18th, you will enjoy being with a small group of friends or even better, with just your significant other. Artemis' Cosmic Tip : Do it in a big way!



The new moon on 4th is a great time to plan a trip and go travelling. Avoid using a sharp tongue with friends and siblings over the full moon on 18th. Artemis' Cosmic tip : With patience you get what you want and what you need. 



You may finally begin to feel less tension in your life and receive advice to be grateful, around the new moon on 4th. The full moon energy on 18th brings you surprises around negotiations in money matters. Artemis' Cosmic tip : Keep the faith and remember we are all connected to something greater. 



Your relationships are in the spotlight this month and will help you feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself. The full moon on 18th may make you feel an emotional tug-of-war between freedom and partnership. Artemis' Cosmic tip : Do it for your future self. 



This month you feel energised and ready to take in the fresh air. The full moon on 18th requires some self-contemplation and isolation before you decide to have that conversation. Artemis' Cosmic tip : Let your inner child have some fun.



May is a wonderfully romantic month for you so you might as well drop that cool façade of yours. The full moon on 18th will highlight the groups you belong to. Perhaps it's time for greener pastures. Artemis' Cosmic tip : Serving others has its rewards. 



The new moon on 4th will bring some much needed order into the chaos. The full moon on 18th allows you to have clarity with questions related to your career. Artemis' cosmic tip : The mysteries of life unfold before your eyes. 



Communication becomes easier for you near the new moon on 4th, just remember to organise your thoughts first. The full moon on 18th creates a wonderful opportunity to travel short or long distance. Artemis' Cosmic tip : Do what makes you feel secure.