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Creating an Wealth Altar

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Creating an Wealth Altar

Creating an Wealth Altar

Suggested Shopping list:

  • Green or gold candles
  • Silver and gold candle
  • Candle holder- something that looks rich and beautiful  
  • Incense that attract abundance. Suggestions ; Angel, Money Drawing,  Prosperity, Patchouli, Ganesha Luck.
  • Incense holder
  • Abundance spray
  • Figurine that represents wealth to you 
  • Money (notes) or coins
  • Beautiful rich coloured cloth (if you need to cover the table)
  • Notebook to write in
  • Lodestone or magnesite - 2 pieces  
  • Clear quartz crystal or generator 
  • Black tourmaline crystal
  • Dish, box or bowl that has a rich feel about it ( something you like)
  • Trinkets, personal items that you can place in the bowl.
  • Flowers or a small plant
  • Best done on or between a New and Full Moon.

You need an hour to two to set up the altar and at least 10 to 15 minutes a day to meditate and focus  on your financial goals.

Creating Sacred Space.

This can be a dedicated room, the corner of your living room, a shelf or window ledge. Look around your home and find a place that feels just right and one that inspires you. 

Dedicate the Space

Cleanse and smudge this area first.

* Start with the Cleansing Water, wiping the shelves, furniture, tables, windows, candlesticks etc down. Make sure you use a brand new cloth and fresh clear water at all times. When the water gets brown - discard and make a fresh brew.

  • Next light a black candle 
  • Smudge the area throughly with a sage smudge bundle, or Paulo santo stick.  Say out loud, “with this sage smoke, I cleanse my space and tools of all negative energy so that they may be used for my highest good.”
  • Ring bells or singing bowls to shift any negative vibrations that might have settled in the corners.
  • Light a white candle from the burning wick of the black candle.  Nip the flame of the black candle so it goes out.
  • Dedicate the area for sacred work.
  • Now your space is cleared and ready to create your abundance altar.



  • Light the  incense of your choice.
  • While the incense scent wafts through the area ask yourself: What makes me feel rich? What makes me feel generous? What makes me feel stable, secure, and able to give and receive blessing?
  • You need to connect the inner and outer energies together - simply put  “ Where thought goes energy flows.”
  • Write the answers  down in your notebook.
  • While meditating on the questions ask your guides or ancestors to be present in your space. Any strong ally you might feel you need to help you with abundance.
  • Just as you ask the question “ what makes me feel abundant?” You must also ask yourself what does not make you feel abundant. It is important to identify this. Identify it, then release it, and open yourself to receive what you desire. Again the inner work is as important as the outer work.


 Creating your Altar - these are our suggestions

(go with your instincts - they are always your best guide) :

* Cover your table with a cloth.

  • Facing your table - place a silver candle on the left ; a gold candle on the right
  • Bowl of salt in front of the gold candle, water in front of the silver.

* Place your incense/holder on the right hand side.

  • The white candle in the centre at the back.

* Figurine to the left, with silk flowers, plant if you have.

* Abundance Note Book to the left in front of the figurine. 

* Abundance spray to the right

  • Beautiful candle holder/ bowl with green or gold candle in the centre 
  • Light the candles and the incense. Silver and Gold first, white next and green/gold last. 

*Box or wealth bowl in the centre directly  in front of you. All trinkets and notes to be placed in this bowl. When you do this  - centre yourself and see abundance flowing towards you. Create this wealth box/bowl with intention. Add whatever you like.

*Now in front of the white candle place a black tourmaline for protection.  Dedicate the crystal and  place with intention.

  • Either side of the wealth box place the two lodestones
  • Hold your clear quartz tumbled stone or generator and set your” prosperity” intention into the crystal. Place on your altar wherever feels right for you.
  • Sit down and meditate on what you need . Write and journal in your notebook as if you have already achieved your desires. Give thanks for the abundance. 
  • The best part of a ritual like this is that it allows you to focus more on the feelings of wealth and abundance you do have, no matter how small, in order to call in more of that. Focusing on what you don’t have (lack) will call in more of that – and this is exactly what we don’t want! 
  • If you can  - try to sit in front of your shrine 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night.
  • Keep tweeking your journal with writings, drawings and pictures.
  • Spray the abundance spray over yourself and your altar .Use the spray throughout the day . Carry your dedicated quartz crystal  with you.
  • Leave the altar setup for as long as you like.  Refresh when you feel you need to. 

 An altar is not just a conversation piece or a pretty decoration.It is where we go to seek blessings, to acknowledge blessings we have received, and in turn to bless ourselves and others. Show up at the altar, work at it and work with it on a daily basis. Consistent engagement in meaningful ceremony is everything.

An altar is where we bring our successes, our failures, our hopes our dreams.