Crystal Spirits App Launch Friday 13th October 2017

The Crystal Spirits Team celebrates in Style

- and what better way than to celebrate  on Friday the 13th .

As we dash boldly forward - I decided, since this is the last Friday 13th of the year - October 13th 2017 -  to do some quick research on the meaning of `Friday the 13th - and not just from the perspective of silly superstition, or those horror movies we are subjected to !!  

Generally there are 2 Friday 13th's in a year. The next two’, in 2018,  will be celebrated on the 13th April and 13th July with that particular day carrying the energy of a partial eclipse. The astroid Apophis was discovered in 2004 and thought to be colliding on  Friday 13th 2029 with Earth - ending our existence - but luckily it will fly by leaving our beautiful planet safe and sound ! How we of course treat Gaia will be another story !

Now, to the nitty gritty - Did you know that there are 13 circles in a Metatron Cube ?  Metatron is made up of two Greek words - ( meta thronos ) taken together as  “ one who serves behind the throne" . Archangel Metatron or Mattatron is the Archangel known as the Recording Angel or the Chancellor of Heaven. In that tradition he is the highest of the angels and serves as an Celestial scribe or Recording Angel. 

13 is a Fibonacci number - The Fibonacci sequence appears in Indian mathematics in connection with Sanskrit . The Fibonacci spiral an approximation of the golden spiral created by drawing circular arcs connecting in the opposite corners of the squares in the Fibonacci tiling. The Fibonacci sequence is characterised by the fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding ones. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,80,144…. Golden spirals are self similar - the shape is infinitely repeating when magnified.

Infinitely  repeating when magnified  - like Crystal Spirits - spiralling out to connect us all Spiritually together. ……

Friday was named after the Norse God of marriage Frigg. She was later confused with the goddess of love Freya who in turn became identified with Friday.  Ruled by the planet Venus the planet of love and creativity, it is the perfect day to connect with others. Wonderful for building relationships, rekindling love, and attracting new and bountiful relationships - AND  - that is exactly what we are doing with you! Creating a new and bountiful relationship filled with caring and love, connecting ourselves, our healers and our workshops with you, our friends and clients.

here is the exciting News you have all been waiting 

We have created, manifested and launched into the ether our Crystal Spirits App. The first of its kind in South Africa - a Spiritual app that will connect all the dots, all the people, Spiritual events and workshops, healers and psychics and light workers living in and around South Africa. With a tap of the finger we are connected - Anywhere! Anytime!

Long gone are the days of emails, and long winded prose - instead with a tap of the finger you will have instant access to your beloved Crystal Spirits. We will send you notifications of the workshops, new stock that has arrived, fairs, healers that are facilitating their own processes and keep you updated with lots of Spiritual news. We will send you daily affirmations, have instant meditations and card readings. You will have direct communication with the heart beat of the South African Spiritual community. And we will extend our reach throughout South Africa- so as proud Gautengers - we more than welcome our fellow provinces to climb on board - send us your info and lets connect this close -knit Metaphysical Matrix.

Tell us more about the Crystal Spirits App.
  • In one word instant access anywhere any time ! We are in your handbag or your pocket - and a finger tap away !
  • Access to a yearly calendar  - with all the moon phases - ensuring that you know when to space clear, went to manifest and when to perform rituals.
  • The calendar will be filled with the dates of a variety of Spiritual celebrations such as Sabbaths, Equinoxes , Devalli, Medicine Buddha days to mention but a few . All South African school holidays and public holidays will also be noted - making it highly informative.
  • All our workshops will be diarised months in advance , and friendly notifications will be sent out to remind you of each Saturday workshop with an online booking form attached. Instant access is yours - either through a direct call or a booking form that can be sent directly to us.
  • A plethora of healers and psychics will have their details on the app for instant access and for your perusal. You will be able to contact them confidentially and directly .
  • Any on-line workshops or processes conducted by psychics and healers - you will be the first know and be able to book directly.
  • App members will receive special offers and discount vouchers on a variety of goods and package bundles. Huge savings for you to enjoy.
  • You'll be the first one notified when new exciting stock arrives
    and have access to exclusive content via the App only.
-  Loyalty cards and in store QR codes specials for members only.
  • Meditation music - on hand . A variety designed and selected for everyones needs. Exclusive content added by our healers. You will receive these intermittently - to make sure you keep de-stressed, balanced and invigorated. 
  • Weekly Feng shui tips for those interested in the energy of their sacred spaces. 
  • Monthly Chinese horoscopes.
  • The Year of the Dog Feng Shui newsletter
  • Monthly Feng shui flying stars newsletters
  • Practical magic - for those who love the art of ritual
  • Monthly updates on fun spells and magic - written exclusively for the app by our resident Wiccan.
  • Directory of Crystals  - in-depth and highly informative.
  • Daily affirmations - to keep us connected.
  • Direct access to the shopping cart - on line shopping made easier. Want to send a gift - we take care of everything.
  • Newsletters keeping you in touch with the changing energies and Spiritual information .
  • Beautiful angel affirmations and card readings exclusive to the App. 
  • Monthly angel newsletters together with affirmations and prayers.
  • Simply put a World of information- on your phone and at your finger tips.

To conclude - Why after months , days and hours of work, did we decide to launch our app today ?  Friday the 13th October 2017 -  Simply put for the energy it brings with it. First of all this one year ( 2017) is great for launching new projects .  The day’s numbers  (13 +10+2017 = 6) Six refers to all earthly matters -  you find this number occurring in water crystals and snowflakes, and the energy of 6 is of a loving and caring nature - and that is how we feel about this wonderful planet in which we reside, our family, friends and you who share it with us.

 The number 13 represents the complex Metatron Cube, connecting us with the Celestial Scribe of the Heavens, Archangel Metatron,  and the energy of the never ending spiral of golden light.  We hope that his energy will resound through the ether to link us together . And, finally for Friday - the day of love, compassion and connection between all of us. Who could go wrong with this Celestial and Planetary energy that surrounds us at this instance in time ? For are we not here to heal and grow, and share the magic of thousands of lifetimes together.

So we've lit candles, and filled the air with the sweet perfume of our incenses, and with a tap of your finger feel free to connect with us and all your fellow light workers.

For all light workers, Buddhist, Angel and Reiki healers, the Wiccan and Pagan community, Feng shui practitioners, Shamans and those that walk the pathways of Spiritual quest - and for all of us residing in our beautiful South Africa - lets spread the light.

Tashi Delek
Crystaldebz and the Wonderful Crystal Spirits Team.