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Feng Shui Kua Numbers

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Feng Shui Kua Numbers

The feng shui kau numbers are helpful when you work on creating good feng shui. Basically you would rather face your positive direction -then the 4 negative direction that will bring loss and ill health. You can go on the kua calculator websites - log in your birthdate and it will calculate auspicious direction. 

You are either an East or West person. This is fairly simple try and sleep with your head facing your correct direction . pillow/ headiest or west for your crown chakra. If your husband or partner is the bread winner of the family - his direction takes precedence over yours.. in other-words the one that is bringing home the bacon !! Lilian too and her husband slept in separate bedrooms at the height of their careers so as to lock into their auspicious directions to manifest wealth…

The four directions that are your auspicious directions - they work according to health, wealth, personal growth and love….if you’re out on a date -face your love direction making a business deal try and face wealth or success direction…it will just help your chi to be at optimum. Just a little feng shui tip…however please note - do not face  north this year - you don’t want to take on Tai Sui or invoke his displeasure…even if you don’t quite understand what I mean - don’t sit at your desk or any place for long periods facing  north Short periods are okay !! So even if it is your success direction - still don’t face it - not for 2020- it will change next year.

How to calculate your Kua directions:

To calculate your Kua number ( or someones else’s Kua number )  all you need is date of birth and gender

Before you calculate the Kua number make sure of two things

  • *the calculations for females and males are different
  • *For those born after 2000 - the kau calculations are different.

Kua number for female born before the year of 2000

  • *       Add your single digit to the number 5. Bring this number to a single digit.
  • *     That is your Kua number 


For females born after 2000 - add 6 instead of 5

Kua number for a male ( born before the year of 2000)

  • *  add the last two numbers of your year of birth and bring to a single digit.
  • *  Deduct your single digit from the number 10
  • *  That is your Kua number

For a male born after the year of 2000. Deduct from 9 instead of 10.

NB : a male born in 2009 and 2018 will have the Kua number 9


Kuan number calculations for female form in 1995

  • Add the last two digits of the year 9 + 5. = 14
  • Bring it to a single digit. 1 + 4 =  5
  • Add number 5 to the single digit  5  + 5 = 10
  • Bring to single digit  1 + 0 = 1 

Female born in 1995 has the Kua number of 1

Kua calculations for male born in 1962

Add the last two digits of the year of birth 6 + 2 = 8

Deduct your single number from 10

 10 - 8 = 2

A male born in 1962 has the Kua number 2

Classic Feng Shui you are either an east or a west person !

East Group

Kua Numbers: 1 ; 3 ; 4 ; 9

West Group

Kua Numbers.  2 ; 5. ;  6 ; 7; 8

Look to your Kua Number for Success

If your zodiac sign is challenged, then check to see your kua number energies for the year. 

In 2020, the luckiest kua numbers are

 Kua 4 with the blessings and windfall star, 

Kua 2 and 5 Kua Men have the romance star shining on them, Kua 6 is blessed with prosperity and opportunity,

Kua 8 and 5 Women can expect income, advancement and transformation.

 Kua 7 has the opportunity to make money for the future, and more social advancement.

Kua numbers with difficulties include

Kua 3, watch for health, wealth and relationship difficulties, take extra care this year and watch for any signs of trouble to nip it in the bud, 

Kua 9 need to also monitor health and finances and avoid any risk-taking

Kua 1 should be watchful of temper and legal troubles or misunderstandings.