Greetings citizens of love energy and welcome to the half way point of 2018! 

Greetings citizens of love energy and welcome to the half way point of 2018! 
Angels are spirit energy beings and live in a state of expanded super consciousness as One with the infinite spirit we know as God. Angels assist us by inspiring and guiding us in this world and help to create a smooth transition into the next. Angels have the ability to project their consciousness into both living and non-living matter such as crystals. 
Angels have no attachment to feelings like humans do. They exist only in a state of bliss and love. Since we (humans) are born with free will and the ability to choose, Angels can only interfere in our life plan when we ask them to. We are all assigned a Guardian Angel at birth who watches over us and steers and nudges us onto our path of healing. One of their functions is to help us remove the veils of illusion so our inner divinity can once again shine through. Every Angelic Being has a unique function within the Divine Plan and the Angels assigned to Humans on our planet Earth, can gently heal, inspire, guide and protect us. 
For the month of June, two beautiful Angels appeared to show their support and continuous inspiration to us all, the Angel of Problem Solved and the Angel of Protection. We are reminded to have faith and trust in The Divine as our individual life path unfolds and we each become connected to the smooth running of the universe. Remember to call upon either of these Angels as you need them through the month. 
We continue this June with our ideas presented through A Course in Miracles and feel free to go back to my earlier newsletters to re-cap what we have worked with so far.
Practice each idea below, one at a time, one idea a day, three times a day. I invite you to make notes recording your experiences. 
1. I do not know what anything is for. 
Nothing you see has meaning therefore it is meaningless to you. For example, I do not know what this chair is for, or I do not know what this table is for or I do not know what this leg is for. Remember we are unlearning what we think we know in order to change our perspective.
2. Above all else I want to see. 
Be sincere as you repeat this idea. This gives vision a priority over desires. Should you feel some sort of temptation to believe otherwise, then simple say, "Vision has no cost to anyone. It can only bless."
3. Above all else I want to see things differently. 
For example, say to yourself, I want to see this table differently. You are asking what it is. You commit to withdraw your preconceived ideas. When you have seen one thing differently then you have seen all things differently. 
4. God is everything I see.
This idea explains why you can see all purpose in everything. It explains why nothing is separate. It also explains why nothing you see means anything. It explains every idea we've had thus far and the ones we'll have in the next few newsletters still to come. Remember, no judgement, whether you believe it or not, simply allow the idea to linger in your thoughts. For example, God is in this table or God is in this body.
As it above, so it is below.
The New Moon is 13 June 2018 and as with all new moons, this brings exciting new beginnings. This time the opportunity for fresh starts is in negotiating, networking and thinking up new inspirational thoughts and ideas! Be honest and truthful using your discernment and avoid over-thinking. 
The Full Moon is 28 June 2018 and as with all full moons, endings are a strong possibility now. Understanding boundaries and using them to redefine your purpose is highlighted at this time. Be responsible and accountable for your own emotions. Avoid child-like tantrums and rather focus on solutions. 
A quick preview into July.....
We have two eclipses coming up and Mercury is stationed for retrograde 26 July 2018. Eclipses are the universe's way of bringing to the surface that which is hidden from you or that which you have been hiding, in order to heal and move on. With Mercury retro in the mix, this can create some unpredictable surprises. Be willing to learn from mistakes and to see things differently. More details next month. 
I wish you a blessings filled June! 
Love and miracles,