Totem & Power Animals

Through the years I have received many blessings from the Universe and sometimes I like doing things to give back. I have developed a unique system of working with power animals over the past 19 years and put it together in a workshop that I have been giving for about five years at one point. 


After a message from my guides that the workshop must be sent into the Universe I decided to give this workshop away and share it with the world. You can do this workshop yourself, share it with anyone, copy and distribute as you please. The only thing I ask is that you do not sell the content. Give it freely as I am giving it to you freely. I will post the first lesson in this newsletter today. The first lesson is an introduction and much shorter than the rest of the lessons. The workshop is a series of meditations and explanations I will be sending out through the Crystal Spirits newsletter platform all through the year.


We are blessed to have chosen to live on Earth in a physical existence in this lifetime. The ones that are drawn to this workshop will probably be living in places where the Earth energy is strong. You would have been instinctively drawn to this. You will also show a close affinity for plants and animals. I chose to live in Africa where the vibration of Earth energy is very strong. I also chose to be born in a place where I can be closer to Nature and the gifts of Nature. I chose Africa. You may be on another continent altogether. Either way the vibrations of totem energy do not know boundaries or divisions. Your totem can be an Elephant if you live in Alaska or Alligator if you live in Antarctica. It is the lesson the totem carries that is of importance, not the place the physical animal chose to live.


We tend to lose sight of the fact that there are blessings uncounted in the place we chose. We immerse ourselves in the concrete jungles and the press of people called our cities. We hide behind closed doors in cubicles in the sky from crime and corruption. We make fear a part of our daily existence and we forget where we came from. We forget our animal natures inherent in our physical bodies and when we do remember we choose to use the negative sides of those animal natures. We embrace fear or cruelty but discard bravery and nurturing. We embrace victimhood instead of embracing our power.


With the help of totem animals and power animals you can learn to embrace the animal sides of your natures again and reclaim your personal power and magnetism. You can learn to work with the spirit medicine inherent in each animal and reclaim your ability to decide your own destiny. You can better your world with the magic found in the animal kingdom on Earth. This guide and this workshop is a tool I am giving to you. You can choose to use this tool or you can place it in a cupboard. My responsibility ended with the handing over of this tool. Yours are beginning with the acceptance of this by reading the first words.


This workshop can be a portal for you to start working with all kinds of Earth Energies. The aim is to empower you to work with and respect the Earth Mother and her creatures.

As keepers, priests and priestesses of Earth it is our responsibility to care for all her children; the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. A lot of people have lost sight of that responsibility. But they have also lost sight of the gifts they receive in return. The Earth Mother offers us payment for our care if we should only choose to accept it. The choice to open the parcels under the Christmas tree remains yours. Just so the choice to embrace her gifts remains yours.


In this workshop we will be concentrating on the gift we can receive from working with the animal kingdom in a relationship of mutual respect and love. I will teach you how to find and recognise your own personal power animal. You will learn how to work with other animal totems to develop certain parts of your personality and reach your goals. You will experience things never felt before through the eyes of the animals. The system I am going to teach you is fairly unique. I have drawn from many cultures and channeled quite a bit of information that was added to the lessons.



Throughout history there are accounts of old races working with animals and animal totems. From the stone ages people had a reverence for the spirits and personalities of animals. Ancient hunters enacted their hunts around campfires back in the days when hunting was still a skill and necessary for survival. The Earth and animals gave of themselves freely and the hunters respected that. They all had a totem animal chosen from birth to give them signs and guide their paths. Very often these totems also helped shape the personality of the person it supported.


Just about everybody knows about the North American Indian system of working with power animals because their system has survived mostly intact until today. Fewer people know that animal shamanism were also practiced in Siberia, Africa, China, South America, Europe, Australia and many more places. Basically people all over the world practiced animal shamanism as part of their first religious structures.

The question we have to ask here is: How did these similar ideas spring up in so many societies all over the world in a time where there could have been no cross-pollination of systems and beliefs? There must have been a base to this common idea that could only have been reached by spiritual people living close to Earth and in harmony with her heartbeat and seasons. 


This is a system that developed in spite of distance and language barriers – everywhere humanity developed. It did not spring from one geographical spot and was spread over and promoted to the rest of the world. It happened naturally with its own momentum in its own space.


Working with totems was practiced by the medicine men and women; the priests and priestesses and the ordinary men and women walking the world. It was kept alive through storytelling and fables. It was carried in the minds and hearts of people and is still carried in the hearts of all who love and respect the animal kingdom. Today we do not have to follow a system of religion in order to work with the power animals. A basic respect and love for animals and Nature is all that is required. Every human on this planet has animal totems that can and will make their lives smoother if they only learn to work with them. 


I will attempt to send at least one lesson per month on the totemanimals through the Crystal Spirits. I hope you love working with the animals as much as I loved writing about them.


I also want to take this opportunity to take a look at my new and revamped readings page on The Crystal Spirits website Click Here. I brought in some extra, different deck reading types and also brought in totem readings - something I kept forgetting to add into the roster. So have a look and tell me what you think.


Many blessings,

Charmaine Morris