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Happy Fairy Day 🎇

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Happy Fairy Day 🎇

Greetings Anam Cara,

What a magical day we are celebrating today! One that is guaranteed to bring out the child in you. Fairy Day!  yes, Fairy Day! Oh the forgotten joys of make believe- and the excited happiness that filled our hearts, as we ran around the garden trying to find the fairies. Maybe you were lucky enough to see them- but if you didn’t- don't believe that they were not there! 

Fairies have existed in just about every culture over the world, though they may have been called by different names. What they have in common, no matter where you go, is that they are spirits that inhabit the world around us and often operate by strange and often odd laws. That’s about where the similarities end, and where the amazingly diverse concepts that are the Fae begin. There are so many tribes of magical mystical fairy folk .

How do you befriend the Fae?

Be polite; talk to them not about them. Help them in their tasks of caring for the earth, plants and creatures. Give a little love and watch for the reply. Hug a tree, sing a song, blow a kiss to a cloud or maybe even leave a little piece of something sweet in that secret Faery spot you know. 

How do you know Fairies are in your garden ?

One thing to look out for is an increase in butterflies, as fairies have long been associated with them in myth and lore. According to Ted Andrews, the leading authority on animal totems, butterflies with black and yellow wings are especially significant. He also connects dragonflies with the fairy realm, being modern day relatives, possibly even descendants, of dragons.All three creatures symbolise transformation, and fairies can actually initiate it. They also all thrive in the same type of habitat. Anything that butterflies and dragonflies are naturally drawn to will also appeal to fairies. You might, then, consider planting some things that are known to attract them, and the fairies just might follow.

Elementals and fairies love Crystals - so they are a must in your home and garden. Rough rose quartz placed in the corners of the garden brings gentle harmonious energy. Add a small tumbled Prehnite this is the Fairy stone. They love its healing energy. Spirit quartz dropped in flower pots, gridded around trees- sends out a vibrations that this garden is a sanctuary. For those with large trees on your property - place tumbled petrified wood near the trees. Their ancient energy invites the tree dwellers to make their homes in the trees. Burn garden incense in the four compass directions - the sweet smell will draw them ever closer. 

For those wishing to meditate to call in the Fairy realm  we would suggest working with the Fairy quartz - from our very own South African shores. This stone helps you focus and concentrate ,and great for kids to hold while studying. Its unusual formation helps you connect with the Fae. If you hold your Prehnite while meditating it will also help you communicate with these being. Add a tumbled Chiastolite ( that bears the fairy cross) this will indicate that you are on a spiritual path and safe to communicate with. For those looking for fairy dream magic- grid your bed- by placing four Prehnite and tumbled rose quartz on the 4 corners of your bed under the mattress. Light a Fairy Dreams incense- to create more magic.

Journalling is a perfect way to reflect on the experiences you have. Write about your meditations or reflect on the changes in your garden. Maybe the fairy folk are settling in? They might only use your garden as a rest stop- or they might decide to stay and use it as a winter home. If the vibration of you're hearth and your own energy is in alignment - they will make themselves known. Their signs will be microscopic and subtle - so be observant. Pay attention. Perhaps, you will see and embrace the magic.

“ Anything that brings you joy is worth doing, and each person’s life is their own fairytale in the making. Hold your beliefs close to your heart, spread your wings, and let the fairy in you fly! “

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