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Have you Heard about our Virtual Shopping?

Greetings Anam Cara,

Are you already celebrating a deep awakening within you? This is the time for ambitious goals and new opportunities for those bold enough to reach out and harness the energies of this cosmic month. All you have to have is ambition and flexibility.  Be open to receive magical and mystical signs from the universe, be prepared to use your intuition as your compass and let go of old patterns that hold you back.

As we navigate through this eclipse period, and understand the chi of the planets as they retrograde and criss cross across the heavens, with quiet times of contemplation, meditation and journalling - we can use this manifesting month as a portal for change.

During this cosmic smorgasbord (over the next month or two) you must seek what you value in life.

  • What you want to do with your life ?
  • Who you want to be with  ?
  • What vibrational frequencies are in alignment with you?
  • What values bring you joy?
  • What old patterns  you need to release ?
  • What is it you think you want  - with regard to career, love, friendship? 
  • Learn to listen to your intuition.
  • Journal and spend  time reflecting. 

This is a time to dig deep and make decisions with integrity. Don’t hide your beliefs, values and inner strength to please others because you live in fear. It is a time to discard that psychic wardrobe of old, tacky ill fitting clothes that hide the true beauty of who you are. It is time to throw on that magical cloak and to celebrate the real you.

This being a 4 year also accentuates the time for laying firm foundations of what you wish to do with your life, and who you wish to become. We have 6 months left - use them wisely. Remember on the 20th June the longest night of the year, as we go inward, into the dark night, we meditate and question what is it we wish to do over the next 12 months. This is a time for inner focus and deep meditative contemplation. Simply put you can treat the 20th/21st June as New year celebrations- when you write out your resolutions, goals and wishes for the coming 12 months.

That's why building an altar or creating a sacred space in your home, in the month of May newsletters, has been so important to us at Crystal Spirits read our newsletters. In one weeks time we celebrate the Winter Solstice. Use your  Goddess energy and spiritual alchemy. Re-emerge with new plans, goals and strategies for the following 12 months.

We are going through such  physical, mental and spiritual upheaval at the moment -  that one has to step back emotionally and analyse it. Amidst all the stress that surround us , our families, careers and businesses we have to dig deep , activate and work with our heart chakra. From this energetic point  - we bring into our lives love, light, joy, compassion and peace. This Goddess energy  then resonates throughout our households and to those with whom we share our lives. We are the anchor holding the light. 

However, and most importantly we must be aware of and use our light force to fulfil our own destiny and life path we have chosen in this particular  life time. If we do not do this we will be out of synchronicity in our life, relationships and career choices. So make sure you are always aware of this. If you feel out of balance, bring yourself back into alignment by checking on or renegotiating your personal life choices. Whatever that choice might be - we must also always try to help others, spreading compassion and love wherever we go.

May this journey through the energy of the month of June fill you with much wisdom, lots of introspection, growth and authentic evaluation. May your households be filled with joy, compassion and love. Know that we are with you, every step of the way.

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