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Botanical Egg Box Set
6 Bath bombs: -Rose with Rose Petals - Vanilla Rose with Bran -Lavender with Oats...
R 120.00
Charcoal and Rose Bath Bomb
Activated charcoal bath bomb with rose petals and a woodspice fragrance
R 35.00
Honey Comb Bath Bomb
Hand painted honey comb bath bomb with biodegradable glitter and a honey fragrance.
R 40.00
Milk and Honey Bath Bomb
Milk and honey fragranced bath bomb with oats
R 35.00
Natural Collection 6 Pack Bath Bombs
R 195.00
Chakra Bath Bomb Set
One bath bomb for each chakra, infused with essential oils suited to balancing each specific...
R 195.00
Hand Painted Lavender Bath Bomb
Hand painted lavender bath bomb with a lavender fragrance.
R 40.00
Rose Bath Bomb
Rose fragranced bath bomb with Rose Petals
R 35.00