Imagine transforming your home into a peaceful sanctuary of celestial peace and harmony! It’s not a difficult thing to do; it uplifts the chi energy and will keep you and your family safe. And you do not need to be a Buddhist to benefit from the holy energy of beautiful Buddha images.
When you invite holy objects into your home, you will find that your life will begin to improve with new success and prosperity flowing to you. But it doesn’t come all at once...this type of good fortune creeps up on you and slowly and surely things seem to happen, as they should. This is the way that miracles work...a soft inflow of joyous inner chi energy!
Lillian Too Feng Shui Grand Master.
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Buddha with Bat
12.5 cm (w) x 9cm (h) Laughing buddha used in Feng Shui for wealth Long...
R 195.00
Kuan Yin Statue
+- 40cm (h) x 12cm (w) The goddess of compassion. She is the giver of...
R 245.00
Happy Buddha
The most common feng shui use of the Laughing Buddha is a cure for wealth and good...
R 95.00
Orange Shakyamuni Buddha
R 160.00
Gold and Bronze Shakyamuni Buddha
R 160.00
Orange Shakyamuni Buddha Tea Light Holder
R 270.00
Shakyamuni Buddha Tea Light Holder
R 270.00
Black and Bronze Buddha
R 160.00
Large Shakyamuni Buddha Sitting
R 1,945.00
Sitting Shakyamuni Buddha
R 1,350.00
Buddha Water Feature
R 820.00
Happy Buddha With Coins
R 669.00