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Center: Feng Shui 2022

#5 Star of Misfortune.

This is a dangerous star and flies into the centre of every home and business throughout the world. This strong energy is amplified because it flies into the same quadrant as its 8-period star! It is one of the most important stars to control because if it is not subdued it will filter into every area of the home and your life.

The salt cure is a must -  so make sure you install one as soon as possible. The 6 coins tied with a red ribbon is another cure that must either be placed on a shelf, table or hung somewhere in this area. Make sure this area is quiet and no renovations or loud banging. 

Place a large selenite pagoda in the centre of your home to create a sacred space and invite blessings from above. Selenite fills the home with peace and tranquillity and helps absorb negative energy. Smudge your crystal regularly- never place selenite in water! The shape of the pagoda helps shift stagnant and negative vibes.

If you want to make sure your lifestyle is not affected by this #5 star of misfortune you must place the large white three-legged toad here. It will help suppress this earth energy. Make sure it faces the breadwinner's success or wealth direction. Not sure what this is click through to our Kua calculator and we will show you what and how.

A dragon tortoise can be placed here to watch over your wealth and guard your back against jealous rivalry. For those who have cows on coins figurines- you can add that beneficial energy to this area. A wind horse and pi Yoa can also be placed here. For those who wish to you can add your Wealth God on the Tiger- to make sure he guards you against bad luck and misfortune. 

The white hotei buddha can be placed in the centre of a room with a Chinese coin underneath. This will protect your money and remind you to calm down and use your intellect when making decisions throughout 2022. Remember metal, which represents ideas and intellectual stimulation is missing in 2022- so we must be conscious of that- if we are to succeed. Spray the home and office with the Protection Spray which has been specifically created for this year. We have been manifesting this one for the past 6 months to ensure that it is filled with the right vibrations and elixirs to assist you throughout 2022. 

For those who have courtyards in the centre of your home- or passageways with windows- add lots of wind chimes, they cut the negative chi. Occasionally they can tinkle- but don't let them make a lot of noise- you want the rods to cut the negative chi.