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Flourite Sphere
Fluorite is an amazing soul pathing stone. If you are seeking to align your natural...
R 165.00
Rose Quartz Spheres
These Rose Quartz spheres are great crystal spheres for meditation.  Beautiful pink Rose Quartz is...
R 120.00
Clear Quartz Spheres
Due to its perfect symmetry, a Clear Quartz sphere radiates high-vibrational energy in all directions,...
R 90.00
Amethyst Spheres
+- 4cm diameter se the energy of an amethyst sphere to break free of the stress bubble,...
R 420.00
Petrified Wood Egg
Petrified wood in itself is an incredibly sacred stone, but when carved into the powerful...
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Dendritik Agate Sphere
Agate is used as a Personal Talisman, in Meditation, and Goddess Worship. It is primarily...
R 320.00
Quartz with Black Toormaline and Green Flourite
R 220.00
Quartz Galleis with Tourmaline and Flourite Inclusions
R 180.00
Quartz Gallei with Black Tourmaline Inclusions
R 195.00
Amethyst Spheres
Use the energy of an amethyst sphere to break free of the stress bubble, and create a...
R 540.00
Black Tourmailine Sphere
This is a fantastic stone for offering psychic protection in stressful environments, especially from energy...
R 360.00
Rose Quartz Sphere
Let the Rose Quartz Sphere energy guide you to stop wanting love, and begin seeing it both...
R 390.00