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Madagascan quartz with golden healer inclusion
 What a beautiful sphere especially if you like scrying with inclusions. When you hold it...
R 1,400.00
Septarian sphere - Madagascar2
This  Septarian sphere weighs 400g and measures 6,5cm in diameter. The colour is more predominately of...
R 490.00
Septarian sphere - Madagascar1
This sphere is 6.45cm wide and weighs 500g. Perfect to cusp in ones hand. What...
R 590.00
Septarian - Madagascar
A sphere measuring 7cm and weighing 600g with the exotic blends of rich yellows, sand...
R 690.00
Madagascan Septarian Sphere
This  sphere weighs 700g, and its circumference is 8cm. This Serpentine has orange yellow hues...
R 840.00
Atlantis stone - Madagascan Sphere
 This is a beautiful Orbicular Jasper Sphere with layers of Green hues, shots of crisp...
R 5,800.00