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East: Feng Shui 2022

#3 the Star of Arguments flies into the East 

Bringing conflicts and quarrels which in the worst case can lead to lawsuits. This is a dangerous star and needs to be treated with care. Sometimes it might be best to put your petty differences aside before they get blown out of proportion. The quick volatile energy of this,  3 tiger Year might make people act out of character. 

Those born in the year of the rabbit will get affected by this star. People who have their main bedrooms here and front doors facing east must also tread warily and make sure they place Feng Shui Cures in this area.

The east needs to be kept quiet this year- so no wind chimes and no loud noises. You can dampen this negative star by using red accessories  in this area- a red carpet would be perfect 

If it is your front door place 6 red coins under your front door mat and doesn't allow the door to bang! Leave your front door light on and plant red flowers in this area. 

In your sitting room place a red buddha to subdue this negative star. You can also light candles here- preferably candles with rich fiery colours. 

If you choose you can place two dragons facing outwards on either side of your front door or window.