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Fire Dragon with Pearl
With the northeast afflicted with the #3 star a very special cure and talisman is...
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Dragon chime
Exotic blue dragon with bagua ringer and  five metal chimes. A conversation piece that when...
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Mandarin ducks - for love and romance.
These mandarin ducks are one of the most vital cures and enhancers for 2018. Peach...
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Golden Rooster (Resin)
10 cm (h) x 8.5 cm (w) Gold Rooster on Coins   The pronunciation of...
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Happy Buddha
This round smiling rosewood resin Buddha brings luck and wealth to your home! Place in...
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Happy Buddha
The most common feng shui use of the Laughing Buddha is a cure for wealth and good...
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Chi Lin - the Chinese Unicorn
A pair of beautiful figurines. Elegantly crafted so they fit into any household. This depicts...
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Tibetan Tingsha
Tingshas, aka tingsha cymbals are commonly used in Buddhist ceremonies. Tingshas are two cymbals, and...
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HEM Feng Shui Incense
5-in-1 Feng Shui incense sticks hand rolled in India. Earth. wood. fire. metal, water.
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Happy Buddha
Feng Shui: Place in the South East for wealth Laughing buddha used in Feng Shui...
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Frogs with Glass Ball
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Buddha with Bat
Laughing buddha used in Feng Shui for wealth Long ears for wisdom Holding a bat...
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