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If there is ever a time to Feng Shui your home- your business and, or your office 2022 is the year. Why you ask? 

The answer is simple. Each year we have different flying stars, vibrational energy, if you choose to call it that,  which arrive with the first new moon of the Chinese new year ( 4th February). These flying stars are positive and negative  energy. They fly into different sectors of your home based on compass directions , and their energy either fills that space with abundance and wealth or creates obstacles and loss. 

Each home and business is already divided into areas based on compass calculations particular to each building and the period in which it was built. We are currently in an 8 period which will change in 2024 to a 9 period. These periods last 20 years- so generally if you have renovated or built your home in the last 20 years - it is an 8 period building.

In 2022, we have all the annual Flying stars flying into their inherent places on the Bagua. This will create double strength in each of the sectors!  Creating both double luck in the auspicious sectors and double misfortune in the inauspicious sectors. 

Want to know what a Bagua map is click here

The year of the water tiger 2022- is a year filled with hidden danger- and hidden luck- and it is all about getting your timing right!

Being in the right place at the right time- making the right move and choice at the precise moment when success is at its highest- Knowing when to arrive and knowing when to leave- all of this could be the difference between success or failure.

So- If there is ever a time to Feng Shui your home- your business and, or your office 2022 is the year. You want to create a space both in your home and business that supports you and works with the energies and vibrations of this year of the Tiger. 

If this is all to overwhelming- don't despair and don't lose hope. We have a selection of lucky cures to enhance the positive areas of your home- as well as cures that will help dampen and deflect those negative nasties that want to come and live there. All you have to do is click through to our selection of 2022 cures- order them- and place them in your home and place of business. 

Cures for each Direction: