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Opium Incense Granules
Opium is dream associative. Opium is a good incense to burn for any spell involving...
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Frankincense Incense Granules
In modern magical traditions, frankincense is often used as a purifier – burn the resin...
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Copal + White Sage Incense
R 20.00
Copal + Palo Santo Incense
R 20.00
Mugwort Incense
Black Sage. Mugwort is a native herb and its leaves are used as natural medicine....
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Frankincense Resin
Frankincense is an important archetypal soul scent of the Western sun-gods of the Sumerians, Babylonians,...
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Incense Burner with Star Detail
11cm (h) x 9cm (w)
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Palo Santo 5 Stick Pack
Palo Santo is a mystical South American tree that  is related to Frankincense, Myrrh and...
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Goddess Power Incense Pack
Unlock your inner goddess with this selection of feminine power incense. Includes: 1 X 3...
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Prosperity Incense Pack
Includes: Quick Luck Incense Sandalwood Incense Copal Palo Santo Incense Prosperity Incense Go Away Evil...
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Mystical Incense Pack
Includes: Moon Incese Om Shanti Incense Opium Incense Fairy Dreams Incense Blue Wooden Incense Holder...
R 75.00
Business Incense Pack
Includes: Copal Palo Santo Incense Business Incense Money Drawing Incense  Attract Clients Incense  Prosperity Incense ...
R 89.00