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North East: Feng Shui 2022

#8 Star of Prosperity - North East 

This positive star benefits those born in the year of the ox and tiger. This positive star indicates that wealth is to be tapped into this year- but only if properly activated! There is lots of money to be made- by those who have good fortune on their side. 

Placing a wealth gemstone tree here will enhance your good fortune - as it represents growth. Growth of money and good fortune. 

The Gold Wealth God Riding the Tiger is a must in the North East of your office, business, living room and home. He tames the tiger and brings wealth to your doorstep. 

Tai Sui resides here this year- so do not face North East when sitting at your desk. Rather choose to sit with him protecting your back. Time to rearrange your office! Renovations are not good in this area- as Tai Sui likes respect and peace. 

Place a Selenite Pagoda here to attract blessings from the deities and to create harmony in all relationships. This crystal will bring blessings from angelic beings and help attract powerful mentors and benefactors. 

We have been inspired to create a Powerful Prosperity Black Water Tiger Cure of 2022 to attract blessings to the auspicious 8 star and to protect you from the evil eye of rivals ( A special thanks to Danial Hannah). You can also add a gem tree in this area to attract growth in your finances.

This is the area for your wealth or wish box. Make sure that you plan and think carefully about what it is you wish for in 2022-  before you create your wealth box. The best time to create a wealth box is when the moon is waning.  Keep it in this area. Make sure you spray the crystal spirits Money magnet 2022 spray throughout your home and business. We have worked hard over the past 6 months to create this infused vibrational spray to assist you throughout 2022. It is sensational! 

Place with your Wealth God Riding the Tiger on top to activate and guard its magic. Leave it closed the whole year. Every time you look at it- see your wishes coming true. 

The Romance Enhancer Mandarin Duck Kit is a must for those seeking love and a soul mate. You can place this kit in the North East end of your home and bedroom. Add magical crystals to this area. They will activate positive chi and invite blessings into your life. 

For those who love fish tanks- place your tank here it will help activate the energy of this lucky star. Make sure it is clean- and that the fish are healthy and happy. If however- you do not wish to have all that extra work, place our  Lucky Dragon Carp with coins here. Bringing the wealth and abundance of the lucky 8 Star into your home 

If this area is missing in your home- make sure that the garden is beautiful, filled with healthy plants and has a seating area so you can enjoy this auspicious energy. Metal chairs would be good.