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North: Feng Shui 2022

#1 Victory star flies into the North

This is a positive star bringing success to those who have front doors here- or are born in the sign of the rat. You must tap into this power! This star brings new opportunities and growth to anyone who is willing to work hard, focus and embrace change. You will however need to make sure the north of your home and office is Feng Shui.

Place gold or silver elephants in the north of any rooms throughout your home and business. Their trunks must be raised- for victory- and if you are seeking success! For those with north front doors or entrances to your office place two elephants facing outwards welcoming in this lucky star. 

Do not sit with your back to the North because of the “three killings”. This will Create obstacles- so best you shift your desk- even slightly so as not to sit with the north behind you. 

Water is always a wonderful element to place in the north. Place round metal objects here such as singing bowls. Make sure you cleanse your home with their wonderful sound. You can also place 6 coins tied with a red ribbon here to activate this lucky star. Either place them flat on a table or hang them behind your door. 

Place a powerful protection amulet here. Especially if it is your front door or a large window. You can place it on the inside facing outwards. This amulet attracts prosperity and guards against negativity. 

For those who love the small Hotei buddhasyou can place them throughout your home. One of the areas is in the north. I suggest you buy them in boxes so that you can fill your home with their happy vibe and allow them to attract joy and prosperity to your home and business. 

To attract the lucky #1 Victory star place the crystal good luck chime here. The tinkling chimes and crystals will bring success to your doorstep. A gold three-legged toad is a must in the north. You can have 9 toads in your home and place of business. Add the Gold wealth God of Protection to Create and look after your wealth- especially in your office or on your desk