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North West: Feng Shui 2022

North West #6 White Star of Happiness

The North West area of your home and business is blessed with the #6 White Star of Happiness. This is especially lucky for those born in the sign of the dog and pig who reside in this sector of the compass. So make sure you have your Feng Shui Cures in place to make the most of this year of the tiger. This area has the potential of strong wealth luck! For those who wish to enhance their careers, you must activate this sector. Not just in your home, but also in your business and place of work. 

For those who have front doors facing North-West- make sure you use them! This is a key area for wealth this year. Just make sure the area is secure and not inviting for those with evil intentions. Check your locks and safety doors. If your front door is hidden away- hang a wind chime here. It will attract positive chi or wind to your home. If your front door is very exposed- hang a concave bagua mirror (above the door on the exterior wall) to deflect off the evil eye yet still attract the blessings of the 6 star. Place 6 coins under your front door mat - and a nice toad at your front door bringing in the money.

This is not an area to burn candles- avoid fiery colours- instead, fill the North West area with crystals! Place your treasured collections in every North West sector throughout the home and in every room. Allow their sparkling powerful energies to attract the delights of the Universe. Awaken the prosperity gene. You want to enhance the double energy of this lucky star that arrives here this year.

The North West needs to have the coiled dragon of Success. This celestial animal works with the power of the celestial tiger- and is a symbol of the ruler. Add gold ingots and crystals around your dragon. Place a dragon in the North West area of your office- add lots of citrine pieces, tigers eyequartz and money attracting crystals. Remember, with the energy of rivalry and backstabbing- you need to protect yourself. Make sure you cleanse your office and spray The Crystal Spirits Protection spray regularly.

If you have a large window in the North West- hang the Crystal wealth chime to ring in blessings, and place a white toad on the window ledge facing inwards- bringing wealth into the home. Place another dragon there facing outwards- guarding and protecting you. Crystals along the window ledge (charged with your intentions) will also amplify lucky energy.  

This is the area of the patriarch, so it must be activated, to make sure that his luck and money trickles throughout the family. For those who wish to manifest bountiful blessings, 6 crystal spheres must be placed here. If it is your front door they will deflect negative energy- while attracting blessings. Keep the area clean and tidy- you want to attract positive vibes into your home. You can Add more Feng Shui enhancers here- especially symbols of dragons. The dragon together with the tiger symbolises wealth luck- so this year displaying symbols of dragons throughout your home and office is even more important. 

North West is the perfect area for lots of metal chimes - you want to ring in the heavenly blessings of 2022. Start your collection today!