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Sonia Choquette-The Psychic Pathway
In "The Psychic Pathway", third-generation psychic Sonia Choquette reveals her practical twelve-week programme for expanding...
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Sonia Choquette-The Power of Your Spirit
Our connection to Spirit is one of the most significant lifelong relationships, but we often...
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Sonia Choquette-Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose
Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose is a book channeled by;Sonia Choquette ;spirit teacher guides, The...
R 229.00
Sonia Choquette- Diary of A Psychic
Sonia Choquette differs from other psychics in that she has developed her skills to see...
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Sonia Choquette- The Time Has Come to Accept Your Intuitive Gifts
So often we wait for the climate and conditions in life to be perfect before...
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Sonia Choquette-Trust your vibes at work
As a professional, six-sensory, intuitive consultant and teacher, Sonia Choquette has worked with thousands of...
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Sonia Choquette-The Intuitive Spark : Bringing intuition home to your child, your family and you
These are the questions that inspired Sonia Choquette to write this profound and accessible book...
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Sonia Choquette-The Answer Is Simple
Having observed thousands and thousands of people from virtually every walk of life, with every...
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Sonia Choquette-Diary of a Psychic: Shattering the Myths
What's it like to be a psychic? Choquette, a spiritual teacher and the author of...
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Sonia Choquette-Ask Your Guides
We’re all spiritual beings with a spiritual support system on the Other Side that oversees...
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