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South East: Feng Shui 2022

#4 Green star in the South East

This star brings new ideas, academic success and luck to the South-East sector of your home, living room and office. This is the area of those born in the year of the Dragon and Snake. So it's your time to shine. For those who love magic- I would fill this area with fairy lights and keep them sparkling the whole year through. Make sure this area is clutter-free you want those new ideas and inspiration to come flooding through. 

For those looking for romance make sure you activate the South-East sector of your bedroom and living room. We have the Romance Enhancer Mandarin  Duck kit. It comes complete with instructions. So if you are looking for a soulmate and romance - make sure you activate this lucky star.

Do not place wind chimes here and try to avoid too much metal. this area should be filled with greens, blacks, greys and blues. Lots of plants growing happily here would be perfect. 

Place your buddhas and wealth enhancers here to make sure that you are blessed with prosperity. For those who love fountains, this is the perfect spot. Moving water activates the flow of money.