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South: Feng Shui 2022

#9 Star in the South

Watch the South Sector of your home and office. The #9 has the power to amplify positive and negative monthly stars.

This is the area to place your Fu Dogs and your Chi Lins. In 2024 we will change from the 20 year period of 8 to the 9 period. So the #9 is becoming stronger and stronger each year. That is why this is known as the Future Prosperity star and brings good fortune to those who activate it. 9 is a magical number and the number of completion.

This fire star resides in the South- so water is a no-no here. We want lots of light in the South this year. So make sure you leave your front door light on if you have a south front door. Paint it red if you will.

This is the compass direction of the horse- so place a figurine of a horse here, preferably one that is prancing. For those who love collecting horse figurines- this is a perfect place to keep your collection. Obviously, 9 is a good number of horses. 

Healthy plants are a must in the south area of your living room, office or home and for those lucky enough to have Wu Lous- place them here. Fairy lights will bring blessings if left on all day and slat lamps need to be placed here. If you can leave them on all day and night- attracting this wonderful star's blessings.