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South West: Feng Shui 2022

The illness #2 of the Southwest.

This negative star is very dangerous and affects the matriarchs and older women of households. If an elderly person resides in a bedroom In the South West- you might think of moving them if they start to get unusually sick during 2022. If your front door faces South West- you must place a concave Bagua Mirror above the front door- on the exterior of the house- to deflect negative energy and ill health. 

This is the area you need to place our Red Mandarin Ducks of Love and Marriage Strength Kit. There are three tigers in this year's Paht Chee chart- this can lead to rivalry and interference in an otherwise stable marriage. To help protect you against this- place this kit in the South West of your home and bedroom. Make sure you keep it cleansed. Light a tea light and incense regularly next to the Marriage Strength Kit- especially on Friday nights. The energy is very hectic and chaotic this year- you will have to schedule time for romance in your relationship- so you can make it through the storm. 

Placing a wu lou in the South West is also an antidote for the illness star. If this happens to be your bedroom- make sure you have 2 wu Lous- place on either side of the bed. 

This is the other area in your home where you need to place a salt cure- this is one of the most important Feng Shui Cures. If you can choose only one cure for this area- choose this. 

In the South West area of your office put 6 Chinese coins tied with a ribbon and your salt cure.

Avoid using the colour red and burning candles. This is the perfect area for round metal bowls- or better still place your singing bowl here. It will quell this illness star. Make sure you cleanse your home regularly with the singing bowls pure sounds. During the year of the Tiger, we need to make sure our home and office is cleansed to attract the double luck of the fortune stars. You want to keep the home and office energies high so that you can attract positive chi- and banish negative energy. 

Use lots of silver, white, copper and gold in the South West Areas of your home. For those of you who have copper crystals and pyrite crystals place them here. Avoid other crystals.