For centuries candles of different colors have been burned to attract desired emotions, material wealth, or karma. Candles can be one of the most effective tools used for meditation, rituals and other ceremonies. The size of the candles you use is not important. It is the color and its meaning that matters!
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Black and White Candle -Small
Simply take the the black and white candles and place them around your house. Generally...
R 10.00
Black Tea Lights (8)
8 Pack, perfect for burning to cleanse an area.
R 39.00
Blue Agapanthus Scented Tea Lights
Burn time +-1.5 hours.
R 20.00
Blue Candle-Small
8.5 cm (h) x 3.5 cm (w) Blue Blue helps you call upon the peace...
R 10.00
Caramel Cupcake Votive Candle
CARAMEL CUPCAKE Aromas of buttery vanilla cupcake drizzled with warm, sweet butterscotch are captured in...
R 49.00
Chakra Candle
Made with  essential oils. Each colour layer contains a different oil.Instructions on base.
R 255.00
Chakra Tea Lights
One tea light for each chakra.
R 45.00
Citrus Crush Votive Candle
Citrus Crush has the aroma of Sicilian lemon zest and a twist of lime combine...
R 49.00
Eucalyptus Scented Tea Lights
Burn time +-1.5 hours.
R 20.00
Floating Chakra Candles (7 Pack)
Pack of 7 floating Chakra candles, Crown- Beauty Third Eye-Intuition Throat- Unconditional Love Heart- Love...
R 69.00
French Lavender Scented Tea Lights
Burn time +-1.5 hours.
R 20.00
Goddess Kali Ritual Candle
White Sage Fragranced Candle Goddess Kali Ritual Candle Kali is the goddess of death, time...
R 49.00