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West: Feng Shui 2022

The #7 Loss Star of the West 

The annual #7 argumentative star will fly into the west on the 4th of February 2022 and with the west being the inherent place for the #7 star, we will need to take extra care when using this area during the year of the Tiger. 

The inherent energy of the west is metal and although this puts metal and metal in neutral, if left untreated, it can still cause conflict and denotes assault, deceit, violence and robbery. 

However, don't despair we have the cures to subdue this negative star. All you have to do is treat the area with caution- and avoid loud noises and renovations here. Also, make sure that the area is secure.

This is the area of those born under the sign of the rooster- so you need to take extra care this year. Make sure you avoid unsafe places and try to avoid arguing with people. This can lead to long term strife. You could also find yourself attracting a bad type of person. So watch for betrayal especially with regard to money and finances. Read through contracts carefully.

Placing Gold Elephants here- facing outwards can also protect you from negative people. Small statues of rhinos also act as safeguards and a reminder to be wary.

However to quell this metal energy- but still attract auspicious energy into your home we suggest the fiery rice bowl of Protection. My all-time favourite for backstabbing ill-wishers is the figurine of a rooster facing outwards to the west pecking away at all the negativity. 

If your Front Door door faces the west, it is important that you hang a Concave Bagua protection mirror here. It will deflect negative energy and protect you. 

To protect against betrayal and the star of loneliness- especially for women- place a Kuan Yin statue in the west of your bedroom or living room. Red would be the perfect colour. For men place a Kuan Kung statue in the west of your office- his fiery protection will cut through your enemies. 

The water God of Wealth can be placed in the west of your office to protect your assets and exhaust the sharpness of this metal star. Make sure he faces the west. Place him next to the Fiery Rice bowl of protection.