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Bronze Archangel Michael tramples Demon (Only 3 Left in stock!)
Only 3 Left in stock! 38cm (h) x 20cm (w)  Statue Sculpture Bronze Finish Archangel...
R 1,549.00 R 1,317.00
Bronze Archangel Uriel
34 cm (h) x 21.5 cm (w)  Statue Sculpture Bronze Finish Archangel Uriel Uriel's name...
R 1,200.00 R 1,020.00
Archangel Ramiel (Bronze)
38cm (h) x 20cm (w) Archangel Ramiel, "Thunder of God" Remiel is the angel of...
R 1,550.00 R 1,318.00
Archangel Gabriel
32 cm (h) x 24.5 cm (w)  Archangel GabrielGabriel's name means 'God is my strength'...
R 1,199.00 R 1,020.00