Cleansing/Charging Your Crystals

Crystals and gems vibrate to the energy of their handlers. It is believed that the atoms or molecular structure of everything around us is can be affected by thoughts, emotions and events. That is why, in metaphysics, thoughts are things.

“As a man thinketh, so is he.” This applies to crystals and the gemstone we wear, because our thoughts can be transferred to crystals. Crystals are able to store and conduct thought energy inside their molecules due to having the properties of both piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity. These molecules constantly vibrate in accordance with their handlers thoughts and as such, need cleansing from negative thoughts so that they can be used properly.

Crystals also need cleansing after being used for healing sessions. They absorb the negativity of the illness and the unconscious negative thought patterns, and therefore, should be cleansed regularly.

There are several ways to cleanse crystals, which depend in part on the type of crystal being cleansed. For example, copal (old plant resin) is very soft (hardness less than 4 on the Mohs scale), and should not be soaked in saltwater, and the same goes for fluorite, whose surface will be damaged by soaking in saltwater (turns cloudy).

Cleanse with salt.

Salt is a very common cleansing agent for cleaning crystals. As with many of the other cleansing methods there are several different options for cleaning with salt and some stones that you need to be careful with.

Salt Water.
One of the most common ways that people use to cleanse their crystals is to soak them in salt water. It is easy to do and doesn’t take a lot of time.
Place your crystals into a dish. I prefer glass and have read others that prefer China. Either way it is a good idea to avoid plastics.

Add salt. Many believe that sea salt is your best option. Others think Kosher salt is acceptable and still others think that table salt is okay. The choice will have to be yours.
Add water. You can add water of your choice. However, some believe that it should be bottled water or mineral water. Many believe that it shouldn’t be tap water due to the chemicals that are found in it.

Soak. Your soaking can last a few minutes to overnight. Salt can damage many stones, so it is not a good idea to soak them longer than that.

Rinse. Some don’t actually recommend rinsing the stones. However, salt dissolves in water and will then cling to your stones. This can cause wear and tear of the stones.

Dry. The last thing that you need to do is dry your stones. You can set them on a towel to dry either naturally or in the sun. You can also dry them with a towel or a paper towel.
This will clean your stones really well. You can also use sea water in place of the salt and water.

Salt Rub.
Another method of cleaning with salt involves rubbing the salt on the stone. This can be very effective and it can also be more intimate as you are washing each one individually and personally. However, it can scratch soft stones.
You will need to pick up each stone individually to do this method.
While holding the stone in the palm of your hand you will want to rub the salt on it.
Make sure that you work on keeping your thoughts positive or push them away altogether so that the stone doesn’t absorb any negative energy from you.
You should carefully brush of all the salt.
Rinse the stones off and lay them out to dry.

Salt Bed.

Garnet on a bed of salt.
For a quick and easy cleansing you can fill a container with salt and lay your stones on top of it. You will then need to let them sit for an hour or more. You will then need to brush the salt off and rinse it quickly. Then you want to let it dry.

Stones that don’t do well with salt.

There are a number of stones that don’t do well with salt. Similarly to water you need to know that soft stones, flaky stones, and cracked stones don’t work well with the salt. Additionally metallic stones don’t do well with salt either. To make sure that you are taking care of your crystals as well possible you should avoid putting the following stones in salt:

Tigers Eye

You should also make sure that you avoid those really soft, flaky, or metallic stones. If you are concerned that it could be damaged then your best bet it to choose a method of cleansing that is less abrasive.

Indirect Methods of Salt Cleansing.
There are also indirect methods that you can use to cleanse your stones and crystals. The first of these is often done outside during a moon cleansing and charging, but can be done anywhere you don’t mind a little salt mess.

Place your stones in a dish. You can choose to have them in water or in a dish that is dry. Many suggest that you use a dish that isn’t made of plastic and aim for a more natural option such as glass or ceramic.
You then want to place your dish on a stable location such as a table.
Pour a ring of salt all the way around your bowl.
This will cleanse your stones with a lot less abrasiveness. You can also place your dish on a large plate or platter and then have your salt run around the edge of it. This can make clean up easier as well. You should still take care and rinse your crystals off to make sure that salt in the air doesn’t cling to them.

The other indirect method of salting is similar, but can be done with a lot less mess.
In a large bowl or dish pour a layer of salt. You can choose either table salt or sea salt. There are even a few people who recommend Epsom salts.
In a separate bowl place your stones and crystals. This one should be glass.
Place the glass bowl of crystals on top of the salt.
Let it sit for several hours. Eight is often recommended.
Remove your crystals from the bowl and discard your salt.

Final Tips.
No matter which salt method that you choose for cleansing you should be careful with how often you do it. It is harsh for your stones and should only be done every now and again. Some even recommend saving it for the first cleansing and that’s it. You should also make sure that you throw out your salt. Even if you didn’t get it wet and it is still good you want to make sure that you are getting rid of the negative energies that it absorbed.


Cleansing Your Crystals With Brown Rice

One of the rarer cleansing method is using rice. It is similar to the Earth method, but easier to clean up. You will need to take a bag of rice and place it in a bowl. I prefer glass bowls whenever I put crystals in it. You can choose the dish that you prefer and there are many recommendations out there. After your rice is in your bowl or dish you will want to bury your crystals in it. They need to be completely covered. You should then think on their cleansing a moment over the dish and leave them be. Let them cleanse overnight or longer. After they are done you should then brush off the rice from the crystals. Using a fine paint brush you can get them clean of any dust or you can rinse the dust off by running them under water for a moment. This method is not as common as some of the others, but it is effective.
It should be noted that the rice should always be thrown away. The negative energies that were in the crystals is now in your rice and you wouldn’t want to eat them.


Cleanse with scented herbs.

Another simple and gentle way to cleanse your crystals is using herbs. You will want to put your crystals in a dish and then cover them in a dried or fresh herbs. You will then want to leave them there for a day or two. After this is done you have a choice with what to do with the herbs. Many recommend using your herbs two or three times. However, of all the cleaning methods this is the only one that recommends reusing the materials you cleanse with. The only exception is if you bury your stones outside or in a potted plant. If you believe that the Earth can absorb the negative energies and dissipate them in a way that won’t effect anything negativity then you may also believe that the herbs can do this. Many people who reuse their herbs in cooking and bathing. Others suggest that you sprinkle them outside. Either way you will have to forge the way in this one and figure out what will work for you.
You can choose any herb, flower, or plant that you want. Many people use rose petals, sage, frankincense, myrrh, cedar, sandalwood, or comfrey. However, you don’t have to stick with this list and you should feel free to get creative. Others have choosen daisies or clovers. Get out there and have some fun with it if you choose

Cleanse with flowers and water.

Another method to cleanse crystals is to soak the crystal or gemstone in a glass container with distilled water or mountain stream water and lots of flowers (like rose petals, iris, honeysuckle, daisies, etc) for a duration of 24 hours. The flower petals absorb the negativity of the crystal while transferring their purity and innocence back into the crystal.


Cleansing Your Crystals With Essential Oils

Essential oils are oils that have been taken from plant matter. There are literally hundreds of different options for essential oils. Essential oils will cleanse your crystals as well. There are some essential oils that are more popular than others for this use including frankincense, myrrh, cedar, sandalwood, and sage are popular choices. However, you can use your favorite essential oils for this method of cleansing.

In Water.
The first option for using essential oils for cleansing your crystals is to to put a few drops of essential oil into water. You will then add your crystals. Some say that you have to soak the stone for hours as with other soaking methods. Others say that the advantage of using essential oils in water is that you can soak them for three to five minutes and cleanse them. You can then use this method on crystals that don’t do well in water with less damage to the stones because they aren’t in the water for long.

Another method that some people use for cleansing their stones is to rub a dab of essential oil on the stones. You want to make sure that you aren’t using much. You would then rub the crystal between two oiled fingers. Then gently wipe it with a cloth.

While some claim that this is an excellent way to cleanse them and that it doesn’t leave an oily feel on the crystals. I have no experience with this method of cleansing, but I would be concerned that it would leave a residue that would be hard to get off without some serious cleansing that could cause damage to the stones. Essential oils have a lot of value though and may work really well for cleansing crystals.

Cleanse with the breath and thought.

Cleansing with the breath and using thought projection is suitable if you have attained a certain level of spiritual development through daily meditation practice. It requires concentration throughout the entire process.

You need to attune to your crown chakra, and imagine it as the center point for the highest good in you, the seat where God’s divinity resides as a flame of fire. Take a few moments to let this reality sink in. Then, bring the flame down into your mouth and exhale sharply into the crystal. You can only cleanse a crystal by aligning yourself with God, meaning you need to be on the side of truth and Divinity, when you do this, or else it will not work at all.

So you say to yourself, “I cleanse this crystal/stone in the name of God/the highest good/etc, save for (any program you have programmed into the crystal) and may all negativity be cast out and taken to the light”. Say it mentally with your own words and intent.

Ultimately, the method of cleansing crystals or the gemstones worn, depends a lot on the user. The whole theory of cleansing crystals is based on the theory that thoughts are things, and can get imprinted in their surroundings.


Cleansing Your Crystals With Smudging

Smudging is another method of cleansing crystals. This is an ancient method of cleansing that uses smoke in the similar methods of fire and incense. Here you will need to make a smudging stick with herbs. To do this people often bind the herbs together or braid them. They are then dried. After drying has taken place they are lit on fire and burned. You will then put the smudge stick near your crystals. The smoke will cleanse the negative energies from the room. You should burn it only burn the herbs for the length of time that it takes to smudge your crystals. A well ventilated place often makes a huge difference for your own health.

There are several herbs that can be chosen for this process. 
Popular choices include sage, juniper, cedar, and sweet grass. There are a few other options including cypress, bay leaf, fennel, mugwort, mullien, orris root, pin, hemlock, spruce, uvi ursi, and yerba santa. Some also choose to use fresh tobacco. You can mix and match your herbs as you see fit.

This is another process where your thoughts are important. Make sure you clear negative thoughts and let the positive flow through you. You should also concentrate on cleansing the crystals. This will make a huge difference in theprocess.


Cleansing Your Crystals With the Earth

Some swear by Earth cleansing. The idea is that crystals are grown in the dark and heart of the Earth and here they can be cleansed by those same energies. Others will tell you that being surrounded by tiny stones, crystals, and minerals aid in the cleansing of the stones. Whichever it is, it can be very effective. There are three ways that this method can be used to cleanse your stones.

The Ground.
The first method is most common for those who use Earth for cleansing. Here you will need to bury the stone in the dirt. Often this is done in an area that will receive good moonlight and good sunlight. You will want to make sure that you mark the spot really well. Many people who use this method say that you should leave it buried three, five, or seven days. Others suggest that you wait even longer. Many believe this is a great way to cleanse your stones when you first get them. We have never tried this method ourselves.

A Potted Plant.
In a similar manner your crystals can be buried in a potted plant. Again you will have to decide how long you leave it in there. You may also need to mark where you bury it so that you don’t have to dig multiple holes to get the stone back. If you have soil that doesn’t have a plant in it you can also use this.

Sand is actually crystals that have been broken up. The most common forms being made up of quartz rocks that have been broken up. This material can be a great cleanser. Have your container and bury your stones in it. Leave them for the desired length of time.

Final tips.
For each of these methods you will want to make sure that you are able to get your crystals back without too much digging. You will then need to wash the dirt or sand off of them before using them for something else. The time necessary for cleaning is going to have to be up to you. You can choose days or even weeks if you choose.


Cleansing Your Crystals with Other Stones

There are a few different stones that are known as cleansers. They have the power to absorb negative energy and cleanse it. Some of these stones are self cleansers and others are only good for cleansing stones on a short term basis. Here are several methods to consider for cleansing your stones with other stones.

Quartz clusters.
One method used by some to cleanse smaller stones is to place them on a larger quartz cluster. You can also use citrine (a type of quartz cluster). You would then leave the crystals there together for several hours to several days. Remove the smaller stone and use as you desire. You should then clean your quartz cluster in another method. Quartz can be a good cleanser for other stones, but it doesn’t have the a have the ability to cleanse itself. Some believe that citrine is a more powerful cleanser and able to cleanse itself very well (myself included). This method also works with geode halves that have quartz crystals. You can choose to use milky quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, rose quartz, but it isn’t likely that the effect will be as powerful.

One of the most powerful cleansers out there is selenite. It comes in slabs and wands as well as in stones, balls, and eggs. Many people recommend placing your stones on a selenite slab. If you want a cheaper option you can line up a couple of wands and place your stones on these. Placing the stones in the same dish or bag with a piece of selenite will do wonders toward cleansing the negative energies from all the stones.

Citrine, Carnelian, and Kyanite.
These three stones have good cleansing power. Carnelian is able to cleanse itself by general consensus. Many believe that citrine can cleanse itself as well. You can place a single stone in with your other crystals (if you carry a bag or store them together) and it will keep them clean. You can also place a dish of one or more of these stones and add your “dirty” crystals to it for a good way to cleanse.

Stones that are said to self cleanse.
Selenite, Citrine, Carnelian, and Kyanite are often used for cleansing as are Quartz clusters. However, there are some other stones that are considered self cleansers and don’t need to be cleansed. These include Azulite, Diamonds, Herkimer Diamonds, Phenakite, and Apophilite. These crystals may or may not help to cleanse other stones.

Our Cleansing Dish.
I am all for clean crystals and I am also for easy. We have a glass baking dish that has selenite wands in the bottom. It is topped by quartz crystal chips that have been polished (we love these things and have literally bought pounds of them). I have a firm belief that the quartz crystals help transfer the cleansing ability even when there aren’t cleansing stones that touch our “dirty” crystals. We then have several pieces of citrine and carnelian in the dish. We move our crystals in and out of this cleansing dish. I also do thorough cleansing and charging by placing this dish in the sun for a couple of hours and in the moonlight overnight. However, this isn’t something I do regularly. When they have gone through a lot of work such as some powerful healing or cleansing of a room we then put the dish in the sun or moon and make a salt ring around the dish.
This method is effective and it does less damage to our stones. There is still some wear from hard stones contacting softer stones. It is also easy and doesn’t take a lot of energy to get it done.