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Feng Shui 2021: Year of the Metal Ox

Welcome to the Year of the Metal Ox 2021

It going to be an interesting ride with lots of quick unexpected changes. This can be sudden windfalls arriving on your doorstep from out of no where - or sudden losses- that you didn’t see coming! So be prepared to remain as fluid as you can-  both mentally emotionally and financially. 

The dates when the new flying stars fly in are 3rd February 2021- and with this we welcome the #6 Star which flies into the centre of each and every household, business and office. This star is compassionate and when activated with the right cures will bring financial rewards and career luck during the year of the ox. However, if you do not place the correct cures- this lucky metal star can become trapped and drain the earth energy of this sector- you could then find yourself with lots of bad luck and financial misfortunes. 

The Matriarch of the household which is represented by the South west sector of the home has the unfortunate 3# jade star. This could lead to arguments, legal issues, stress and ultimately wealth loss. So cures need to be placed here to counteract this negative star. This year unfortunately also bodes a lot of unhappiness in relationships as outside unwanted parties enter the happy marriage. So beware of this and make sure you have your cures in place. 

The Patriarch has his own negative star which moves into the Northwest area of the house. This after 2020 when you had the lucky 8 star- you now face the 7# star of robbery. This will lead to lots of arguments, deception, backstabbing and overall bad luck. However if you keep the area quiet, and filled with Feng Shui Cures you will be able to navigate this year. 

The South east also moves from the lucky 6# star to the deadly 5 yellow star in 2021. In the bagua Feng Shui tradition - this is your wealth corner. This is a very strong force and one that needs to be dealt with - once again make sure you have your cures in place. It is an area that needs to be kept quiet - and, please,  no renovating here. This can cause bankruptcy and major illness. 

But all is not lost! The east households will enjoy the 4# star which brings peace harmony and romance to its doors. The West enjoys the blessings of the 8# star and and the North east - the sector of the Ox holds the future 9#. All of these  stars can be enhanced so as to bring forth the wealth and abundance they hold. 

2021 promises to be a better year than 2020- which is not a difficult feat! However is has a very blustery  wind and water energy. You will find lots of changes happening quickly- both in society and your own hearth and home. Meditation, quiet time for contemplation and strategic planning and  keeping your temper in check will be three important things to  do this year. 

Make sure you use this year to network, study and if single find a new relationships with a wonderful soul mate. The winds are with you. However, you will have to be discerning as there will be lots of temptations to side track you. Together with all the feng shui magic we must also consider that this is a 5 year - which means expansion, self expression, creativity and re-invention. All wonderful things as long as you stay grounded and focused. Otherwise you will find yourself becoming scattered, erratic and making the wrong choices for your life.

So cleanse your home, cleanse your aura and place your feng Shui cures !1