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Healing Mist Sprays

Serenity Healing  Mist Sprays contain combinations of crystal vibrations and flower essences, essential oils, infused floral oils, herbal tinctures, aroma, colour  and in some instances the energy of the flower or plant spirits associated.


The Sprays are pure “liquid” healing intention thatsupport complete holistic well being on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.


Vibrational energy means that the product contains a “life force or energy” derived from the flowers, plants and crystals  through fragrance, colour and essence.


To move from a lower emotional state to a higher state one must raise their vibration or frequency which is essential for healing. When you are in a low emotional state you are more susceptable to illness and disease often caused through negative thought patterns, emotions, feelings or behaviours which manifest into form.


The sprays offer subtle and transformational healing support that stays in the human energy field upto 6 hours at a time, balancing, restoring and creating harmony, promoting natural healing.