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Healing Properties

Crystal and their Healing Applications
Agate Disease (general), stomach ache, leg ulcers, conjunctivitis, bladder problems, blisters, bronchitis, cellulite, intestinal problems, diabetes, detoxification, inflammations, colds, exhaustion, fever (lowering), fertility, tired feet, gall bladder problems, pain in the extremities, influenza, glaucoma, painful throat, hay fever, coughs, strengthening of the immune system, cancer, strengthening of the liver, stimulation of the lymph system, migraine, middle ear inflammation, mouth problems, sinusitis, dermatitis, strengthening of the kidneys, oedemas, ear problems, fungal infection, enlarged prostate, regeneration, thyroid gland problems, sleep problems, snoring, weak sightedness, synovitis, nausea, growth problems, menopause, weather sensitivity, cysts
Amazonite Nightmares, slipped disc, bed wetting, fear, depression, poor memory, painful throat, hoarseness, hyperactivity, carpel tunnel syndrome, improving liver function, learning problems, synovitis, tennis elbow, ganglia and growth problems.
Amber Allergy, stomach ache, intestinal problems, diabetes, gall bladder problems, gout, pain in extremities, homesickness, itching, carpel tunnel syndrome, headache, stomach problems, neck tension, nervousness, rheumatism, thyroid gland problem, pregnancy, synovitis, sensitivity to temperature, nausea, constipation, warts, teething, gum disease and tick bites.
Amethyst Abscesses, acne, tired eye, eye disease (general), nystagmus, blisters, high blood pressure, intestinal problems, diarrhoea, ametropia, birth, haemorrhoids, skin care, homesickness, insect bites, itching, headaches, melancholia, migraine, neck tension, dermatitis, bruising, squinting, sleep problems, dandruff, sun burn, sensitivity to temperature, grief, muscle tension, warts, bedsores and tick bites.
Antimonite Stomach ache, dandruff, psoriasis and nausea
Apatite Joint problems, hyperactivity, knee problems, broken bones, tiredness and weakness, operations, osteoporosis, ganglia, growth problems, teeth and dental diseases
Apophyllite Asthma, bronchitis and painful throat
Aquamarine Allergy, tired eyes, eye disease (general), nystagmus , stomach ache, bladder problem, ametropia, birth, painful throat, hoarseness, hay fever, coughs, hyperactivity, dermatitis, squinting, thyroid gland problem, sensitivity to temperature, nausea and growth problems
Aragonite Slipped disc, knee and growth problems
Aventurine Arteriosclerosis, heart problems, nervousness, stroke, sleep problems, dandruff, psoriasis, sun burn, sun stroke, stress and temperature sensitivity
Biotite – lens Stomach ache, intestinal problem birth knee problems, and menstrual problems
Bronzite Exhaustion and stress
Calcite Intestinal problems, birth, broken bones, osteoporosis, constipation and growth problem
Carnelian Leg ulcer, slight bleeding, intestinal problem, colds, rising fever, birth, nosebleed, temperature sensitivity, and bedsores
Chalcedony, Blue

Chalcedony with bands/Blue Lace Agate : general eye disease, bladder problems, blisters, high blood pressure, throat inflammation, conjunctivitis, detoxification, colds, lowering fever, tired feet, pain in extremities, influenza, glaucoma, throat pain, hoarseness, coughs, learning problem, stimulation of lymph system, sinusitis, strengthening of kidneys, oedema, thyroid gland problem, weak sightedness, pregnancy, loss of voice, stuttering, sensitivity to temperature, weather sensitivity and teething


Unbanded Chalcedony : eye disease (general), bladder problem, blisters, high blood pressure, diabetes, lowering fever, birth, glaucoma, throat pain, learning problems, milk generation, strengthening of the kidneys, thyroid gland problem, weak sightedness, menopausal problems, sensitivity to temperature and weather sensitivity
Chalcedony, Pink Throat inflammation, diabetes, detoxification, birth, colds, influenza, home sickness, hoarseness, heart problems, learning problems, milk generation, oedemas, thyroid gland problems, breast-feeding and stuttering
Chrysoberyl Bad memory, hyperactivity, concentration problems, learning problems, nervousness, weak sightedness, loss of voice and stuttering
Chrysocolla Throat inflammation, stomach ache, lowering fever, gall bladder problem, birth, painful throat, strengthening of immune system, carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and ganglia
Chrysoprase Acne, allergy, nightmares, general eye disease, stomach ache, bed wetting, intestinal problem, detoxification, fertility, athletes foot, gall bladder problem, gout, glaucoma, homesickness, herpes, insect bite, cramp, sorrow, strengthening of liver, dermatitis, strengthening of kidneys, fungal infection, rheumatism, sleep problems, psoriasis and growth problems
Citrine Stomach ache, bed wetting, depression, diabetes, birth, sadness, and growth problems
Diamond Arteriosclerosis, eye disease (general), bad memory, gout cataract, concentration problem, strokes and weakened sight
Diaspor Stomach ache, stomach problems, heart burn and acidification
Dioptase Tired eyes general eye diseases, slipped disc, knee problem, strengthening of liver, weak sightedness and growth problem
Dumortierite Fear, stomach ache, intestinal problems, depression, diarrhoea, vomiting, gall bladder problem, painful throat, homesickness, carpel tunnel syndrome, sorrow, nervousness, travel sickness, pregnancy, stress, grief and nausea.
Emerald Throat inflammation, tired eyes, eye disease, stomach ache, conjunctivitis, bloatedness, bronchitis, intestinal problems, inflammation, ametropia, gall bladder problem, birth, influenza, painful throat, carpel tunnel syndrome, headache, cramp, strengthening of liver, middle ear inflammation, sinusitis, dermatitis, back pain, squinting, snoring, head cold, weak sightedness, synovitis, growth problem, bedsores and tick bites
Epidote Colds, exhaustion, birth, influenza, strengthening of immune system, strengthening of liver, regeneration and growth problems
Fire Opal Low blood pressure, home sickness, tiredness and weakness, potency problem, sexuality and temperature sensitivity
Fluorite Intestinal problems, painful throat, bad memory, gout coughs, concentration problems, learning problems, osteoporosis, fungal infection, ganglia, overweight and growth problems
Garnet Pyrope Bladder problems, circulation problems, exhaustion, cold feet, joint problems, circulation problems, tiredness and weakness, weak muscles, ear problems, pregnancy, sexuality problems, numbness, temperature sensitivity and bedsores.
Haematite Leg ulcers, low blood pressure, intestinal problems, iron deficiency, circulation problems and pregnancy
Heliotrope Abscesses, throat inflammation, arteriosclerosis, stomach ache, bed wetting, conjunctivitis, bladder problem, intestinal problems, iron deficiency, inflammation, cols, gall bladder problems, birth, influenza, painful throat, haemorrhoids, heart problems, strengthening of the immune system, insect bite, carpel tunnel syndrome, middle ear inflammation, sinusitis, ear problem, stroke, snoring, head cold, synovitis, nausea, warts, tick prophylaxis
Jet Intestinal problem, diarrhoea, mouth problem, grief, teeth grinding and gum disease
Kunzite Slipped disc, birth, bad memory, lumbago, nerve problems, back pain, pain, pregnancy, grinding teeth and toothache
Landscape Jasper Allergy, intestinal problems and hay fever
Lapis Lazuli High blood pressure, painful throat, hoarseness, herpes (lips), learning problems, menstrual problems, thyroid gland problems, loss of voice
Larimar Painful throat, nerve problems, nervousness, loss of voice, growth problems
Lavender Jade Homesickness, carpel tunnel syndrome, nerve problems, strengthening of the kidneys, synovitis and toothache
Magnesite Stomach ache, intestinal problems, tired feet, gall bladder problems, birth, pains in the extremities, headache, cramp, stomach problems, migraine, neck tension, nervousness, back pain, heartburn, stress, nausea, overweight, muscle tension, cramp in the claves, grinding teeth, sprains
Malachite Stomach ache, vomiting, gall bladder problem, birth, cramp, strengthening of the liver, menstrual problems, rheumatism, pain and sexual problems
Mookaite Leg ulcers, light bleeding, intestinal problems, homesickness, operations, cuts, abrasions, wound healing and bedsores
Moon stone Acne, fertility (women), birth menstrual problems, pregnancy, growth problems and menopause
Moss Agate Throat inflammation, colds, fever (lowering), tired feet, pain in extremities, influenza, painful throat, coughs, stimulation of the lymph system, sinusitis
Moss Agate, Pink Stomach ache, intestinal problems, nausea and constipation
Nephrite Bladder problem, strengthening of the kidneys
Noble Opal Eye diseases (general), depression, painful throat, homesickness, coughs, cancer, sorrow, improving of the lymphatic system, weak sightedness and grief

Black Obsidian : bruising, slight bleeding, cataract, operations, cuts, shock, abrasions, need for protection (mirror), sprain, sensitivity to temperature, wound healing, overstretched or torn ligaments.

Snowflake Obsidian : bruising, bleeding (slight), circulation problem, cold feet, cuts, operations, shock, abrasions, sensitivity to temperature, sprains, wound healing, overstretched or torn ligaments.

Rainbow Obsidian : bruising, bleeding (slight), cataract, operation, cuts, shock, abrasions, sensitivity to temperature, sprains, wound healing, overstretched or torn ligaments.

Apache Obsidian : bleeding (slight), cataract, operation, back pain, pain, cuts, shock, abrasions, sprains, wound healing, overstretched or torn ligaments
Ocean Jasper Abscesses, allergies, night mares, throat inflammation, eye
Peridot Intestinal problems, detoxification, gall bladder problems, birth, strengthening of the kidneys and warts
Petrified Wood Homesickness, overweight, weather sensitivity
Prase Insect bite, bruising, sunburn, sunstroke and temperature sensitivity
Pyrite Slipped disc, joint problems, lumbago, knee problems, pain, tick prophylaxis,
Rhodochrosite Low blood pressure, circulation problems, exhaustion, migraine, tiredness and weakness, pregnancy, sensitivity to temperature
Rhodonite Acne, fever, stomach ache, leg ulcers, blisters, bruising, slight bleeding, intestinal problems, haemorrhoids, herpes (lips), insect bite, headache, weak muscles, muscle injuries, neck tension, scars, nose bleed, ear problems, wound healing, bedsores, gum disease, overstretched or torn ligaments, tick prophylaxis
Rock crystal Eye disease (general), vomiting, ametropia, fever (lowering), joint problems, cataract, insect bite, headache, squinting, thyroid gland problems, pain, weak sightedness, stuttering, numbness and temperature sensitivity
Rose quartz Circulation problems, fertility (women), heart problems, sexual problems and bedsores
Ruby Low blood pressure, fever (raising), circulation problems, potency problems, back pain, sexual problems and temperature sensitivity
Rutile Quartz Fear, asthma, bronchitis, depression, athlete’s foot, birth, painful throat, heart problems, coughs, regeneration, sexual problems and constipation
Sard Colds, fever (raising), heart problems
Sardonyx Eye disease (general), nystagmus, stomach ache, intestinal problems, colds, pains in the extremities, glaucoma, painful throat, middle ear inflammation, ear problems, operations, squinting, weak sightedness
Serpentine Stomach and intestinal problems, diarrhoea, homesickness, strengthening of the kidneys, need for protection, sexual problems, cramp in the calves and tick bite
Smoky Quartz Nystagmus, intestinal problems, athlete’s foot, headache, neck tension, fungal infection, back pain, sunstroke, stress, muscle tension
Sodalite Eye disease (general), high blood pressure, painful throat, hoarseness, loss of voice, temperature sensitivity and obesity
Sugilite Fear, lumbago, carpel tunnel syndrome, nerve problem, operations, pain, teeth grinding, toothache
Thulite Fertility (men), potency and sexual problems
Tiger’s Eye Asthma
Tiger Iron Iron deficiency, exhaustion, circulation problems, menstrual problems, tiredness and weakness, pregnancy
Topaz, Imperial Stomach ache, intestinal problems, depression, fertility (women), childbirth, nervousness and growth problems
Tourmaline, Blue (Indigolith) Eye disease (general), blisters, birth, hyperactivity, neck tension, scars, squinting, weal sightedness, numbness, sensitivity to temperature, grief, burns, muscle tension, growth problems
Tourmaline, Dravite Cellulite, intestinal problems, neck tension, scars, numbness, muscle tension and growth problems
Tourmaline, Black Stomach ache, bloatedness, intestinal problems, neck tension, scars, ear problems, back pain, sleep problems, pain, need for protection, numbness, muscle tension, constipation, growth problems, tick prophylaxis
Tourmaline, Green Eye disease (general), detoxification, joint problems, hyperactivity, carpel tunnel syndrome, cancer, nerve problems, neck tension, scars, rheumatism, squinting, weak sightedness, synovitis, numbness, tennis elbow, ganglia, muscle tension, growth problem
Tourmaline, Red Eye disease (general), lumbago, hyperactivity, knee problems, neck tensions, scars, nerve problems, squinting, weak sightedness, pregnancy, numbness, muscle tension
Tourmaline, Watermelon Eye disease (general), heart problems, lumbago, neck tension, scars, nerve problems, squinting, weak sightedness, numbness, muscle tension, growth problems
Turquoise Asthma, stomach ache, carpel tunnel syndrome, ear problems, rheumatism, a need for protection, heart burn, nausea and acidification
Zircon Stomach ache, cramp, strengthening of the liver, menstrual problems, pain
Zoisite Colds, exhaustion, fertility (men), influenza, enlarged prostate, regeneration, psoriasis and growth problems.