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Information on Crystal Essences

Information on Crystal Essences

Earth alchemy in a bottle, Serenity Natural Healing's range of Crystal Essences have deep emotive healing benefits and are recommended for anyone needing to shift :


  • Emotional components of a given symptom, imbalance or issue
  • Chronic emotional patterns
  • Re-occurring cycles of deep feelings (Empaths / HSI’s)
  • Programs -  of negative, limiting and continuous looping thoughts or beliefs
  • Trauma, chronic anxiety, fear, feelings of self limitation
  • Chronic feelings of being stuck
  • Inner Child woundings or other suppressed traumas, relationship issues and soul loss
  • Desire for a deeper connection with intuition or to one’s life path and purpose


Contain Crystal and or Flower vibrations with a mild 2% alcohol preservative & spring water.

Essences work on a deep cellular level to release, unblock and heal emotions and trauma caused by negative belief systems, thoughts and behaviour patterns from our experiences,  lifestyle choices, day to day stresses or circumstances.

To offer efficient healing, one must treat the root cause of these issues not the symptoms of disease.

 Crystal and Flower Essences are completely natural, gentle,nurturing and self regulating helping the body to heal naturally.  Their healing energy is subtle, incremental, because they are vibrational remedies they are also completely safe to use in combination with any therapy.

Serenity Essences provide complete holistic well-being suitable for all balancing the body, mind and spirit.


Serenity’s holistic range of Essences and Sprays helps to deal with:


  • Courage and elimination of fears 
  • Coping with life, work and peer pressure 
  • Bullying and creating healthy boundaries  
  • Alleviating procrastination 
  • ADD, ADHD, Autism, Focus 
  • Being an Empath, timidness or over sensitivity
  • Having clarity, concentration and enabling study
  • Creativity and manifesting new ideas
  • To feel a sense of “belonging, safety”
  • Assisting Spiritually aware & gifted individuals often afraid of their gifts
  • Supporting and enabling Divine connection (to Guides, Angels etc  -  particularly Crystal, Indigo and Rainbow Children)
  • Relieving stress, anxiety, grief
  • Healing self esteem and self confidence issues
  • Healing the Inner Child & trauma’s from Childhood
  • Finding joy in the ordinary and uplifting the Spirits 
  • Neutralising all negativity
  • Restoring balance and harmony 
  • Finding one’s purpose & joy for life
  • Meditation, mindfulness, channeling
  • Enhancing the innate ability of the body to heal itself naturally without harmful toxins in the body

How do the products work?

Through the energy or essence of the Crystals and Flowers, healing takes place on a deep vibrational level. 

This means that it helps to raise frequency by increasing life force energy mentally, emotionally and spiritually within the body.

Vibrational healing is a form of energy healing through colour, healing essence or properties of the Flower or Crystal itself, aroma, fragrance and even the natural structure (Doctrines of Signature).

Every flower or plant on the planet can be linked to a human emotional trait which is imbued through the doctrine of signatures in how the plant grows, its natural habitat and affinity and its innate characteristics.

All illness starts with negative thoughts and emotions  which manifest into form therefore to heal one must look at healing the emotional and mental state first solving the root cause and not the symptom of dis-ease.

During the production process these healing characteristics  of the flower and crystal become imprinted through sunlight or moonlight and sacred geometry like an energy signature.

Allopathic Medicine can be harmful and toxic to our bodies and is often not aligned to a higher frequency and vibration and it is normally used to treat the symptom but not the actual cause.

To heal, one must move to a higher state, releasing these negative emotions, transcending into peace, calm, joy, love  which carry the highest vibration, creating expansion, creativity and opening up the heart chakra. When we feel sad, angry or ashamed we vibrate at very low level constricting our natural flow of “Chi” or energy through the body. This is what can make us physically ill.

Flower and Crystal healing is gentle and completely safe to use, it is also self–regulating.  Plants and flowers are nature’s medicine already containing within them the blue print for the greatest life force energy available to man, such healing is 100% natural, it can not be patented.

Self-regulating means that as soon as the optimal healing level is reached nature knows to stop working holistically to balance and align the mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Working on the principles of Dr Emoto all our products at Serenity are programmed with affirmations and specific healing intent and also measured according to the Dr Hawkins Map of Consciousness.


How are the products created?

Every essence, spray and oil uses a combination of two or more healing crystals, flowers, herbs, tinctures and essential oils. Through sacred ceremony, prayerful intent, divine channeled healing, sacred geometry, numerology, flower therapy healing, affirmations, colour  and fragrance every product is made by hand and also carefully monitored and measured against the Dr Hawkins Scale of consciousness. 

The higher the vibration the higher the life force and the higher the ability to transform and heal on a very deep emotional level.

It is important to note that our products are not based on the principles of colour healing, whilst colour is important and plays a role, the actual combination of ingredients, fragrance and colours is carefully selected, combined and aligned to its specific emotional healing intention.

What makes our products unique and  different is the high vibrational healing gifts of the flowers, plants and  earth nourished crystals themselves.

Please note : The Serenity products are continually rechecked with pendulums to make sure their vibrations are high. The space in which they are stored is cleansed and purified on a daily basis. We aim to ensure that the vibrations are super-charged for spiritual vibrational healing.