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Space Clearing


Space clearing is a simple, yet powerful practice to cleanse your home or office of negative energies. It involves the burning of sacred plants and resins, passing an object through the smoke or circulating the smoke around the space using your hands. Taking salt baths for personal energy rejuvenation and grounding yourself, as well as space clearing sprays are other methods for personal energetic space clearing.


Space clearing techniques have been practiced throughout ancient history by many cultures to cleanse and purify a space or person to create balance and harmony. Once performed, you will feel that your space is immediately lighter, clearer and fresher.


The ideal time for space clearing is three days after a full moon or just before the birth of the new moon.


Here are some guidelines on essential Space Clearing methods
Basic Space clearing of a house / office


Dust off, wash down and clean the area

  • Place rock salt / Himalayan salt in four separate bowls and place in the four corners of the house. (if double story repeat on each landing)
  • It is important to leave the bowls with salt in that position for exactly 24 hours and no longer - otherwise the absorbed, stagnant negative energy will start to re-release back into the cleared space.
  • After 24 hours, remove and flush down the toilet or  bury in the garden
  • Before cleansing have a shower to let go of the days energies 
  • After your shower and before you start with your space clearing routine, anoint the soles of your feet with "Fiery wall of protection”
  • Breathe deeply and centre yourself. Let go of the days worries and begin
  • Take three black candles - or five. Place one in the main bedroom, one in the entertainment area and the rest of the candles can be placed in a room of your choice (if double story, place three on each landing).
  • When you light the black candle to banish / get rid of / let go of the negative energies, use your prepared prayer / paragraph / affirmation speech. Make sure you know exactly what you are going to say, without hesitating. Have it written down and as you light each candle say it out loud.
  • Once finished proceed back to front door of house.
  • open windows and doors to allow energy to leave
  • Light the smudge stick and circulate the smoking herb around each room

If you are clearing a very intense / darker /negative energy, use   Impepho  (this is Credo Mutwa's  sacred herb that is picked and bound in the Drakensberg mountains) or our white sage  ......
If the energy is not as negative or there have been slight arguments, use the harmony smudge stick (a mixture of African herbs, plucked from our sacred land).


  • Decide you are going anticlockwise or clockwise around house. Keep circulating the smoke in only one direction do not zigzag.
  • proceed throughout rooms, open cupboard doors, curtains, under bed (smudge beds/matresses and scrape energy with your hands, as the energy accumulates while you sleep and astral travel)
  • Carry on throughout house, smudging as you go.
  • If you have smudge stick left over, place it in wax paper and keep it in a cupboard or if you prefer, bury the stub in the garden.
  • Do not drink or ingest anything while you are cleansing, as you will take in negative, stale or stagnant energy
  • Once you have finished your routine, rub rock / Himalayan salt between your hands and then wash it off with sacred water.
  • Next, take a bell / chime and ring it while walking either clockwise or anticlockwise throughout the house. Focus especially on corners to move stagnant energy.
  • When the candle reaches the white part, ask / affirm what you want, using your prepared prayer. Each candle will hit the white at different times and you might ask for different things in each area i.e. master bedroom - passion and love; lounge - fun and family etc.
  • Afterwards let the candle burn down, which should last about three hours; however, it could burn at different times depending on negative energy. Also keep an eye on the wax, as it could melt into a message i.e. angel wing, face etc. (the faster it burns the more stagnant the energy in that area).
  • Finally seal your front door with Fiery wall of protection on the inside of the door frame. You can draw the sign of a cross, reiki symbol etc on the front door as well.
  • Also use the violet flame symbology and visualisation and prayers (available on our website) to cleanse and protect - working with Archangel Michael.
  • From now on and every night, choose a colour candle, light it in votive with incense and ask the angels or deities to protect and bless your house.

Whether the energy is more stagnant in your current home or you have moved into a new house


  • Wash down table tops, kitchen counters, front doors, dining room table, purchased antique furniture, headboards.
  • Divide one bottle of holy water / war water into three buckets of 5litre water to wash the furniture or area down with a fresh rag or cloth.
  • Also focus on mirrors, as they reflect and allow negative energy to transmit through. Once washed own, dab a smudge of Fiery wall of protection oil to each corner of the mirrors (this helps to block negative energy coming through) Also wash, dab and smudge with Fiery wall of protection all doors or large windows in important areas. You can draw holy symbols i.e. cross, pentacle etc….
  • Scatter banishment powder throughout the house, from the back to the front door, then go back and sweep out herbs through the front door.
  • Then sprinkle Kyoto powered throughout house to bring in luck and sweep it out through the front door.
  • Then, on cotton ball, take Fiery wall of protection and wipe it along the inside of the door frame, prohibiting negative energies from entering.
  • Take four small hematite crystals and glue / presstick onto the inside of each corner of door.
  • To maintain the cleared space, choose a colour candle, light it in votive with incense and ask the angels or deities to protect and bless your house every night. You can choose incenses like white sage to purify the house, or something that resonates with your vibration.
  • Visualize your house being protected by Archangel Michael and cleansed by the violet flame or protected by the deity you believe in.
  • Ring a bell as well just to unblock and clear stagnant energy.
  • If arguments have taken place, spray space clearing to clear energy.
  • Maintain the house with Peace and harmony or if you just need a quick clearing use Purification.

Sometimes you may feel you are blocked. A simple salt bath routine can help clear you of negative energies and ground you:

Can be done at any time, but preferably three days after a full moon and just before the new moon, which is a great time to banish all negativity (also beneficial before a space clearing routine or three nights before. Always trust your intuition).


  • Soap up and have a shower to cleanse the energies first
  • Select your choice of salt i.e. aura cleanser, or balance etc…
  • Fill  a bath with warm water and add the salt
  • Light a candle
  • Lay in the bath and let all the negativity drain from you. Let go of all anger, resentment or negative thoughts.
  • Soak for at least 20 minutes, but longer is better.
  • Place all negative thoughts into the water and envision a cord, cut it and release them.
  • This routine must be done for three nights in a row, however, if you miss a night start again. 
  • If you have a great urge to have a “feel sorry for me” cry, do it! You are purging yourself of negative energy and anger.
  • Stay in the bath; pull out the plug and let the water run out through the drain carrying the negative energies with it.
  • Once all the water has gone, get out of the bath and pat yourself dry.

If your children are having constant nightmares, it is recommended to space clear their bedrooms:

  • Place on each corner of their bed, under mattress an Amethyst (glue it down or press stick it, so it doesn't move)
  • Rub Fiery wall of protection on their headboard and around the bed.
  • You can also wash down the bedroom walls, floors and mirrors with holy water.
  • Wash the bedroom windows and seal them with Fiery wall of protection.
  • Place a Stichtite crystal next to their bed or for comfort they can hold the crystal at night and rub it.
  • Before they go to sleep let them say a prayer to the angels to protect them.
  • Spray the room with purification spray or an angel spray.
  • Ask for Archangel Samuel to protect the children.
  • To maintain this cleared space, burn a purple candle each night and say prayer.


How to grid your home after a space clearing

  • Place four female quartz (milky quartz) in the four corners of your house, pointing them inwards into the house. You may anchor them or press-stick at an angle pointing inwards
  • Then from the ceiling, centred in the room, hang a male crystal (clear crystal) by cotton or silver thread, so that the four female crystals point towards the male, forming a pyramid.
  • Each time you leave or enter your house envision this protective grid connecting with a blue light almost like a laser beam.
  • This can be cleansed and replaced at your discretion, every six months or a year…

You can also grid the garden to protect your property

  • Place smokey quartz in the four corners of the garden
  • If your property is surrounded by electricity or pylons, place a large amount of rose quartz in your garden and in your house.

Not getting on with your neighbour? Create a protective wall between you

    • Place banishment powder along the wall and sprinkle it along the edge
    • Then place clear quartz along the boundary, pointing towards the negative neighbour