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Crystal Spirits

9 Planet Mala

R 190.00

This Mala is highly effective in warding off the malefic effects of all the nine planets (navgrah). Sometimes more than one planets are adversely placed in ones horoscope or at times the correctness of the horoscope is doubtful due to non-availability of authentic data. Under such conditions, this Mala is very useful as all the semi-precious stones required to pacify the malefic effects of all the nine planets are studded in this single Mala itself

Navratna mala directly influence all the nine planets- Ruby(Sun), Pearl (Moon), Red Coral

(Mars), Emerald (Mercury), Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter), Diamond (Venus), Blue Sapphire

(Saturn), Hessonite (Rahu),Cat''s Eye (Ketu) . In Vedic astrology, nine

planets when arranged in a particular manner become beneficial for every individual

regardless of which zodiac one belongs to.

A navratna gems mala intensifies the rays of the planets they represent and thereby

strengthened the destiny in a miraculous manner. One can wear pure navratna mala made

of navratnas beads without even consulting the horoscope with an astrologer. The navratnas

mala all over world are highly demanded as they cure all type of physical disorders, diseases and

infections. One can easily buy online navratnas mala as there are various venders dealing in

original gemstones.

The nine stone combinations correspond with the basic energy points of the body known as

chakras. When the vibrations within a gemstone are in harmony with the particular vibrations

of the wearer, they complement each other. The nine gems mala also enhance the beauty

and grace of the wearer. You would be free from every ailment and enjoy a healthy living. It is useful for students, businessmen, professional or a retired person to improve their energy level.