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Crystal Spirits

A Blueprint for Your Castle in the Clouds: Make the Inside of Your Head Your Favorite Place to Be by Barbara Sophia Tammes

R 190.00

Longing for a retreat? A safe haven where you can disappear from the world for awhile? A Blueprint for Your Castle in the Clouds is an inspirational guide that will help you lighten up your life by showing you how to design twentyfive mind expanding rooms to uncloud your thinking and create new opportunities in your life. Every room in your Castle in the Clouds has a special meaning and offers new insights perspectives to look at yourself in a completely new and original way.

This beautiful book with the author's charming fourcolor illustrations includes blueprints for:

The Mental Spa: For inner cleansing of intrusive, bothersome thoughts.The Royal Suite of Evil: Where your dark side will be so comfortable you'll always know where it is (and it will stop surprising you at inopportune times).
A Small Chapel for Your Soul: Where you can release your ego and let go of false ideas.
The Hall of Tears: Where you are allowed to cry as much as you want.
The Library: Where you learn to trust your intuition when facing a problem or dilemma.
The Kitchen: Helps digest information and things that have been said to you.