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Crystal Spirits

Abundance Aura Pack

R 49.00

Abundance  Aura pack

This crystal kit is created for someone wanting to energise their aura. Become more calm , release anger and resentment, and attract more abundance luck. Wear the crystals close to your skin during the day - place in a small bowl of raw, uncooked brown rice overnight to cleanse the energies of the crystals . You can change the rice once a month. Use the stones individually or as a ritual kit. Burn the incense and candle when you meditate and focus on sending out your wishes for abundance in your life.

Green jade.

This is pure heart chakra energy. It teaches you to allow joy into your life. It will help you enjoy physical life. Jade will remind you to smell the flowers and touch someone you love. It allows you to receive abundance on all levels.


This stone will enhance your feelings of self worth and release emotional wounds that stop you from moving on. Focuses attention on the present, helping you distance yourself from past difficulties.


This is a general healing stone that release anger and resentment - allowing the body to heal and reenergise itself from toxic emotions. It instills a feeling of calmness so that you can make rational decisions . Also is know as a bringer of good fortune.


Must have stone for protecting your aura, adding gentleness to your demeanour and bringing luck to your doorstep.