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Crystal Spirits

Aegerine with Orthoclase

R 190.00

Price per individual piece, selected specially for you with a pendulum.
Aegerine - Personal Protector 

This powerful  crystal from Malawi  is a Master of Protection and one that could become your new best friend. This energy supports women especially those in emotionally abusive relationships. Abuse can come in many forms not just physical, or personal but can be found in friendships and work related relationships.

It will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel when you feel hopeless, unhappy and overwhelmed.  It will assist you to re pattern the auric field and set new vibrational energetic programs. It will give you confidence and strength to overcome obstacle before you. It will help you establish new boundaries and connect with the magical word “ NO”. 

When using Aegerine in meditation, it will help awaken the kundalini energy and assist you to release blame, guilt, shame and self-pity ! You will be able to move from “ victim- hood ” to the beginnings of “self-love”. It will help you reclaim your power.

Aegerine’s energy allows it to seep into the aura, grounding and reconnecting us to Mother Earth. It rebalances all the chakras ! Is a wonderful crystal for those who suffer from addictive natures be they alcohol, cigarettes or abusive relationships. Aegerine can assist in breaking bonds and cutting etheric chords from psychic vampires  who leach off ones energy and exhaust the psyche. Use this crystal together with an aventurine, red tigers eye and smoky quartz. 

Is the talisman and protector of nurses, health workers and doctors who work in environments where energy is depleted daily .