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Crystal Spirits

Amethyst Angel Quartz Pendulums

R 460.00

Beautiful carving of an amethyst angel  with a powerful quartz crystal. Asking guidance and questions from the angelic realm ?  Then this divination tool  is for you . It will become your prized position - as it offers clarity, unity and a balanced mind for the journey ahead.

Amethyst works with the violet ray that brings transformation. It will activate your crown chakra as you connect with the angels and  higher realms.  This pendulum will help integrate your higher wisdom as you gain more clarity and guidance on the questions you ask. 

Hold this Amethyst angel pendulum with a steady hand. The key to working with this spiritual tool is to build a relationship with its energies. The more you work with it  - the more it works for you. To begin ask the pendulum “What does my “ yes “ look like?” See which way it swings. Then ask what  “no” and  “ don't know  “ looks like . If you feel uncertain about this method then use our exclusively created pendulum boards.  Once you have received these answers and seen which way your pendulum swings - you are on your way to developing a rapport with it. Allow your pendulum to connect with your guides and your higher self.

Cleanse with our unique Pendulum spray.