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Crystal Spirits

Amethyst Merkaba Star Pendulum

R 160.00

Hanging from this chain, the 6 sided  Amethyst pendulum is a must in any healers tool kit. Wonderful to draw out migraine and headache energies. Will also help with stomach, heart and digestive tract ,as well as the nervous system.

It can bring a feeling of peace and contentment to your client. Will assist in drawing out anger, fear and impatience. Most of all it is useful for cleansing out the aura, and for absorbing any negativity that might have attached itself to the auric field. Great energy to use during bereavement or sadness. It will encourage wisdom, spiritual contentment, and help one to understand things at a deeper level. As a healer you will be able to tune into the energies of the Amethyst, enhancing your psychic energies, and tuning you into your clients healing and spiritual needs.

Make sure the pendulum is always cleansed and cleared before you use it. Before you use, or ask your pendulum questions create sacred space. Check our online downloads on  Creating Sacred Space.