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Crystal Spirits

Ancient Quartz Generator

R 420.00

  • Mottled with information and the energy of chlorite 
  • Use to send out long distance healing or pointing inwards to receive messages from the Divine 
  • Had hieroglyphics 
  • Rainbow

Introducing a clear quartz crystal, a crystal that is genuinely clear and transparent like an ice water and has a beautiful wave of rainbows coming from the crystal, which is a totally enchantment to the eyes. A person who loves to spend more hours staring inside the crystal will be mesmerized by the sophistication of innumerable shapes and liquid forms. People just have to be open-minded and doesn’t have to be psychic in order to connect to the energy of a clear quartz crystal. There are many different selections of quartz, several of which are semi-precious gemstones. Particularly in Europe and the Middle East, diversities of quartz have been since ancient times the most normally used minerals in creating of jewelry and handmade stone artifacts. One of the most abundant crystals on the planet is the Clear Quartz Crystals. In all levels, clear a quartz crystal diffuses, strengthens, emphases, stores and transforms energy. Clear quartz crystal is consider to be a master crystal pulsating pure white light, which encompasses all the other colors and is ranged perfectly and in harmony with the cosmic energies. The clear quartz crystal comes in several forms, from tumbled stones and small points to striking big clusters and generators. You can also find little souvenirs or sculptures made of clear quartz, as well as, of course, clear quartz jewelry. The clear quartz crystal generators are tremendous to use while meditating to increase focus letting you to passage and ground cosmic energy, purify your aura and produce chakras or particular parts of the body. Generators can be used to release and stimulate the movement of energy through acupuncture zeniths and chakras.