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The Crystal Spirits

Angel Swirl Chrysocolla Egg from Zambia

R 320.00

This is a water element stone - recognizing the flow , resonance and power of our voices and the words we speak. It begs us to hold its gentle energy in our hands , to still our frantic thoughts - and to find our inner  soul and speak our truth.

We are  experiencing harsh times  -  walking through arid landscapes which hurt our auric fields and make our human souls feel despondent .  The calming healing water vibration of Angel Swirl Chrysocolla will help release stress, and allow anxiety and fear to dissipate. This gentle stone  is different from its deeper blue cousin which is filled with more copper silicate, malachite and touches of Azurite.  It’s frequency  reaches for the divine feminine within us all. 

Angel swirl chrysocolla’s frequency begs us to stop, listen and tune more into the resonance of Gaia and her healing consciousness. It is here to remind us that we create our own reality - that what we say, and how we express ourselves manifests into the reality we find ourselves living in. 

It asks us to be discerning about our choices, the words we speak and the path we chose to walk.
Meditating with this crystal will reconnect you to your own personal inner power and the understanding that you flow, as does water , that you are powerful , life-giving and - one consciousness. 

I recognize the energy of words - and connect with the flow of the Divine Feminine that resides within me. I create my own reality.