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Crystal Spirits

De-luxe Protection kit- Archangel Michael

R 344.00 R 299.00

Amethyst is one of the best known crystals - and a must have for any crystal lover. It has an accessible ,beautiful and gentle energy.  The purple light it radiates purifies and strengthens divine connection which is why it is the perfect crystal to connect with Archangel Michael. 

Amethyst will clear away the  negative thoughts and self imposed restrictions you place in your mind. It will activate the third eye and help open the crown chakra. 

This is the stone to work with the violet flame.Hold while you repeat this mantra.

This stone is used for all meditation and prayer spaces. Wonderful when placed on a home altar and brings peace and harmony to any home when placed in each and every room. It just clears the space of negativity, raises the frequency of the house and when held can calm all who dwell there.

When you walk the spiritual path - you begin to awaken your latent intuition as well as your psychic gifts. Amethyst will help you to meditate and when placed under a pillow is perfect to relax the mind, protect your from psychic attacks and help with dream recall. You can use this stone together with Howlite for stress and labradorite for dream magic.

Place in a bowl of water with a few drops of  sacred angel oil and leave in a room to absorb negative energies and bring peace to the space. Make sure you cleanse the crystal regularly either  smudging or place in the moonlight for a deep cleanse.

Place the labradorite in a bowl of water with three drops of oil next to your bed  when you want to practice dream recall. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed - place the white Howlite under your pillow together with the amethyst. Spray the Michael spray over your bed and add a few drops of angel oil to your bath water together with the nurturing salts. 

Amethyst  will help you become detached emotionally  from past life karmic issues. Place on your third eye when meditating or lie down and place three amethysts around your head - ask for Archangel Michael to join you and assist you with any problem or issue that you have. State the issue loudly and make sure you are clear with your intention. Then be open to receive messages from spirit.Always spray your aura with the  Angel Michael spray. You can use this daily if you wish. 

Create sacred space by lighting candles and incense.  Spray your aura with the Angel Michael spray -  and anoints your pulse points with the angel oil  as well as under the souls of your feet. Sit in a relaxed position - and meditate for at least 10 minutes. Invite Archangel Michael to join you - and help you through  whatever situation you find yourself in.

Amethyst are such a special crystals- that it is impossible to have too many. Fill your home and sacred space with these loving and high energetic crystals. You will love their vibrations.