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Crystal Spirits

Aurixia Love Elixir

R 300.00

LOVE elixir

When you are in love your Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin levels are all very high Kunzite is a crystal mineral that opens our hearts.

When Kunzite and the frequencies of D-S-O are mixed together and are amplified with clear quartz, the elixir that is created assists your energies to upshift into a state of Love in and around your Auric Field,

Aurixia Love elixir enhances self love, love of humanity, plants, animals, minerals and ultimately Divine love

This is the ultimate Love Elixir To be used liberally on those we love, our environment and of course ourselves 

 Set your intention spray AURIXIA and Feel the difference Love AURIXIA elixirs available in 50ml bottle with presentation box