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Crystal Spirits

Be Your Potential: You Already Have Everything You Need. You Just Need to Know How to Use It! by Joseph Clough

R 190.00

Imagine a life free of limitations... What would you achieve? Joseph Clough has been helping people transform their lives since he was 18 years old. His own journey from a shy, anxious youth to an influential life coach has given him a unique perspective on how we can move beyond our past selves. Joseph now shares with you the fresh, dynamic techniques he has learned from 10 years' experience helping all kinds of people meet their potential, including many high profile clients. In Be Your Potential Joseph teaches you:

Why we hold on to beliefs that prevent us advancing in our lives How you can harness your subconscious mind to release negativity How to use simple techniques that will enhance positivity and prosperity and only take a few minutes a day The questions to ask to help you visualize, believe and receive every goal you're reaching for.

 It's time to take control in creating the results that you desire with your health, relationships and career. Be Your Potential is the guide to your incredible future.