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Crystal Spirits

Beach Self Care Kit

R 565.00 R 450.00


1 Piece of Amonite

Cheryl Richardson Self-Care Cards

1 Piece of Plancheite

Its the holiday season and most of us are lucky enough to share sacred time at the beach - connecting with Mother Earth in all her greatness, dipping our toes in the ocean, feeling the salty air caress our skins and soul-connecting with the oceans waves that rush to the shore………….


Don’t leave without your soul sister crystal or should I say fossil - the Ammonite. Its spiralling energy vibrates power to all Goddesses out there ! The Ammonite is a multipurpose stone. It is believed to aid those on their spiritual path, and the spiral symbol represents continual evolution and growth. Ammonite helps to stimulate one’s life force and is used to activate the kundalini energy that sits dormant in the base of the spine. It increases stamina and brings vitality to the physical body. 


Ammonites were creatures that lived about 400 million years ago, making them some of the oldest organic matter on the planet . An Ammonite is actually the remains of ancient aquatic mollusks, or shellfish. Work with your ancient ammonite to anchor into the Earth’s life force and to revitalise yourself — in body, mind, and spirit. 

Add in the newly sourced Plancheite, a stone of courage. It gives strength in times of stress and difficulty, boosting your confidence and raising vibrations. This gemstone protects from negativity, both energy and influence, so that you remain focused and unswayed on the path to your goals. It keeps you centered, working to increase your persistence and stave off all that can sway you in directions that do not serve your ambitions.

And the perfect pack of Self-Care Cards for the Beach.