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Crystal Spirits

Black Lemurian Jade Tumbled

R 50.00

The frequency of Lemurian Jade connects to the base and heart chakras, helping one connect one’s heart centre to the energies at the heart of Mother Earth allowing one to feel the abundance and joy that can be found in one’s world. Its energy helps one to communicate with Nature’s Spirits and can aid with Earth healing.

The Lemurian form of Jade helps to heal one’s heart centre and can aid those who have suffered from abuse or the wrong use of power. Its energy is supportive to the physical heart and brings a stabilizing and strengthening energy to one’s energy fields thus aiding with recovery from illness and diseases.

Shadow Lemurian Jade helps one to acknowledge and release energetic imbalances and issues that are preventing one from moving forward.

Midnight Lemurian Jade’s energy is supportive and protective allowing one to have courage and an inner strength so that one may move forward on one’s path in this lifetime.