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Crystal Spirits

Protection Kit Against the Negative 5# of Tragedy South East

R 599.00

  • 5 rod black chime with dragon -This unusual wind chime with its colour and dragon etching is perfect for the south east corner inside your home. The dragon will bring protection and the black metal chimes will extinguish the negative energy #5 star 
  • Five  I Ching Coins in a row. 
  • Placed anywhere in the southeast. You can either hang them or place flat on a shelf.
  • Gold votive tea light with three legged toad  - always light the tea light with intention to activate the energy of the metal  inside the gold votive. Try to do this each and every day between the new and fun moon. Light a stick of incense  each night .
  •  1 Chinese coin  - to be placed in your wealth crystal kit.
  • 2021 Wealth crystal kit with Chinese silk bag.  - carry with you or place in your bag. Try to hold the crystals at least 20minutes twice a day - while meditating on what it is your want with regard to wealth. Remember to be reasonable in your  wishes. Cleanse nightly in a pot of raw brown rice. Change the raw rice once a month. 
  • Pack of tea lights

We,  at The Crystal spirits have created kits to help you with regard to abundance, personal growth and protection . Each kit has been combined with the elements  and the flying stars in mind . Our aim is to help you shift energies in each area of your home - and to assist you in creating a magical life - filled with joy and abundance.

  • Please be aware that we have only 12 of these kits in stock . You also want to place your Feng Shui Cures and enhancers in your home  as soon as possible - so as to attract the  prosperous energy of 2021. THis is a wonderful year for expansion and growth . Do not miss out!