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Crystal Spirits

Blue Caclite Tumbled

R 50.00

Blue calcite in its natural form is a gentle blue color with a soft yet strong texture. Everyone responds to this loving stone.This is a stone that soothes frayed nerves, calms anxiety, and eases physical pain. It’s a strong stone for those recuperating from illness, as blue calcite clears negative energy and encourages rest and relaxation. Blue calcite clears negativity and amplifies energy within the throat chakra, removing communication blocks. It brings clarity and calm to all communications, filling our viewpoint with optimism. This gemstone even heals relationships. It helps calm tempers. In children, I’ve seen it reduce the severity and frequency of tantrums. One of the most magical properties of blue calcite is its ability to work from a distance. It purifies and cleanses energies, including the clearing of old energetic patterns, within the surrounding space. You don’t even need to have the stone in your hands for its magic to make change!