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Crystal Spirits

Cactus Quartz with Citrine

R 225.00

Here is a perfect example of many tiny crystals working in perfect harmony with the host crystal - to create an overall effect of community, and collective consciousness.  

This crystal harmonises the aura and the chakras. Its frequencies are excellent for meditation work, and activating your psychic abilities so as to access guides and Divas. What it does is to stimulate the crown chakra so that you can download spiritual informationand communicate with your guides. It will also assist you to obtain peace of mind, and realise that fear is false - and that you will be divinely looked after. It release you from anxiety, and tensions. 

It will help you to manifest your chosen goals and those of your higher self. It will also increase a feeling of self worth, allowing you to claim your rightful power. it purifies the auric field, and is excellent when used in healing especially stone layouts. It allows the physical body to become clearer, and  more aligned with the energy fields.