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Crystal Spirits

Chiastolite Tumbled

R 40.00

Chiastolite helps one open up their root chakra and connect their energies to that of Mother Earth. These energies can provide one with mental clarity and inner peace, as well as accelerating one's self healing process.

One absolutely fascinating characteristic of chiastolite is how it’s formed. Andalusite forms during the regional metamorphism of shale. It is found in schist and gneiss at some present and ancient convergent plate boundaries, where the rocks have been exposed to the temperatures and pressures needed for formation.

Chiastolite is a variety of andalusite that contains black particles of graphite arranged in geometric patterns. The graphite is pushed aside by crystal growth within a rock that is being metamorphosed. As growth occurs, the particles become concentrated at crystal interfaces. The result can be a cross-shaped pattern inherently embedded in its composition.

Because of this incredible phenomenon, people have sought these “cross stones” for hundreds and hundreds of years – you can see the natural cross within each and every one of these pieces. These alluring specimens make gorgeous insets for jewelry, amulets, charms, and display pieces, and are wonderful sources of safety, protection, wellness, and good fortune.